Your North Apparel clothing available for outdoor activities

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Jordan McTaggart, founder and owner of Your North Apparel, is involved in all aspects of the business, such as marketing, design and ordering. Photo by SUPPLIED

Your North Apparel is a clothing store founded in Alberta. with an emphasis on outdoor activities. Jordan McTaggart, founder and owner of Your North Apparel, is involved in all aspects of the business, such as marketing, design and ordering.

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The Your North Apparel store is located here.

“I believe that time spent outdoors is extremely important for overall health and well-being. During the pandemic, many of us have experienced how much being stuck indoors can have a negative impact on you. We truly believe that fresh air, sunshine and letting go of nature has tremendous benefits and helps people be happier and live longer,” said McTaggart.

McTaggart is from Peace River, Alberta.

“Your North Apparel was originally founded to showcase the outdoors, encourage people to get outside and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. They don’t call it mother nature for nothing – she nourishes and rejuvenates.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person selling has become limited, leading McTaggart to use online tools such as the GoDaddy online store.

Your North Apparel was founded by McTaggart in 2016.

“An entrepreneurial passion and a sense of pride in where we come from is what initially inspired us to create Your North Apparel,” McTaggart said.

Throughout the pandemic, Your North Apparel had both an in-person store and an online store. The in-person store was recently closed so McTaggart could pursue post-secondary education in physical therapy.

McTaggart added that selling online was a priority through GoDaddy, as well as through social media ads. Your North Apparel is also sometimes available for sale at booths at local events.

He said that once he graduates, he plans to open another in-person store full-time.

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“Selling online and in person has its advantages! I love dealing with people in person and experiencing face-to-face customer service. However, I think the online selling experience gives you many different options and opportunities to reach different demographics of people and regions Especially while I’m pursuing other things in my life right now the ease and speed of selling online especially with a platform like GoDaddy, make it so easy for entrepreneurs like me!” says McTaggart.

McTaggart played for the Grande Prairie Storm hockey team. He played for the team for three years and is very grateful for his time doing so.

He added that the organization and the alumni are a great group of people that he is proud to be part of. Support for Your North Apparel, as McTaggart said, was heavily down to community support.

“I think the biggest thing we are proud of with Your North Apparel is the fact that it has brought together so many different types of people and created a sense of familiarity and family, while encouraging and inspiring people to explore and enjoying the outdoors. said McTaggart.

McTaggart recently moved to Australia to work on her degree as the store is still short of Grande Prairie. A local team helps with distribution of new launches and marketing.

GoDaddy has been a big supporter of the company and is always available to help, McTaggart said.