Young volunteers in Jarrow raise funds to improve the outdoor space at the seniors’ day center

Young people from the National Citizen Service (NCS) collected money and got their hands dirty, sprucing up the garden of a community space for the elderly.

The volunteering is part of their social action project for their National Citizens Award and involved raising funds for gardening supplies and using them to improve the outdoor space at the Queen’s Road Day Center in Jarrow. The aim is to improve the area will improve the well-being of users, but also for wildlife.

The team, made up of people around the age of 16, decided it would be a good way to benefit their community, as they feel older generations are often neglected by society. Doing something to address social isolation is something that every member of the group is passionate about and everyone was eager to help.

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During the time spent at the day centre, they concentrated on working in the garden. In the space of five days they managed to raise £135 to spend on new plants for the garden and any other supplies needed.

As well as planting the new plants, they will also weed, trim bushes, mow the lawn, paint and any general tidying up needed throughout the garden.

The group of young volunteers organize a fundraiser for more garden equipment and necessities

Jess Mills, 16, an NCS volunteer, said: “I really enjoyed working with the people at the day centre. Helping with the garden is very rewarding and I feel like I really have an impact.”

Tegan Herbet-Daies, 16, also added: “I think too many people overlook the older community, especially where we live, so it really feels like we are making a difference.”

Lauren Hair, 16 NCS Volunteer, commented: “Working in the garden and improving it for the elderly community is surprisingly satisfying despite the hard work. I know they helped pave our community and now do something good for them is like a way of paying back and it’s nice to hear compliments on the hard work we’ve done.”

NCS Trustee Teresa Reed said: “Queen’s Road is an activity and friendship group for older people. This week we have the pleasure of working alongside a group of young people (Headliners UK) working for their National Citizens Award They volunteered to help out in our very large garden, they also did fundraising and bought and planted a variety of plants and shrubs.

“This garden provides a safe green space that our clients and other groups can enjoy. These young people worked very hard despite the heat and remained very cheerful and helpful, and it was a joy to be with them.

Shannon Hargreaves, NCS Team Assistant – Headliners NE, said: “We are a charity working with young people in South Tyneside and North Tyneside with many successful projects.

“This summer we are working alongside NCS, I have a group of young people within my team who are working on their social action project within their community in South Tyneside this week. They created a social account to promote their community spirit. (@queensroad_flower_bridage)

To support NCS Youth Volunteers in what they do you can visit their fundraising page here