We’re obsessed with Henry Golding’s minimalist outdoor living space | Architectural Summary

In this space, featuring a curvilinear custom cast-in-place concrete seat and an adjoining wooden bench, the family and their guests can gather around the central fireplace. Plus, the stone and stainless steel kitchenette, complete with grill and full prep station, provides time-saving conveniences and allows the family to interact with others while dining al fresco. air. “It’s great to have this new device to add to my repertoire,” jokes Henry. “It also minimizes cooking and preparing an outdoor space, keeping the house clean of odors, oils and the like.” Numerous design features have been developed to allow the family to exist seamlessly between the spaces, making the most of Los Angeles’ temperate climate as well as the property’s 530-square-foot elevated terrace, which is built sustainably made from post-consumer and reclaimed wood. “We really wanted to create a home that felt like a whole, complete space,” Henry adds.

The design studio took a lot of inspiration from Japanese culture, from onsen (a hot spring and bath in a traditional inn) to the word komorebi, which describes the visual sensation of the sun filtering through the trees.

Design firm OWIU has spent years honing its practice through a collection of homes across Los Angeles, including its most recent project near Mount Washington, a mid-century modern restoration. Led by Amanda Gunawan and Joel Wong, the company was brought onto the project by Henry and Liv shortly after the escrow closed. A prominent feature of the outdoor space, which is inspired by Japanese onsens, is a spa structure. Borrowing from the Japanese word komorebi, which describes the visual sensation of sunlight filtering through the trees, an 18-foot-tall modular wood slat liner shades the hot tub and outdoor shower while allowing sunlight to diffuse. As a result, the spa retains an inherent natural feel and is an integral part of the ornamentation of the overall space.

Slatted wood gives a sense of privacy while allowing for visual interest and lots of light.