Twitch suspends Amouranth and ProjektMelody on the same day

Within hours, Twitch suspended veteran streamer Amouranth as well as new partner ProjektMelody.

Within hours, Twitch suspended veteran streamer Amouranth as well as new partner ProjektMelody. Both streamers are known for their risky approach to content – one a popular cosplayer, the other a virtual Chaturbate star.

Regarding ProjektMelody, Twitch seems to disagree with itself. On the one hand, they enthusiastically partnered with the virtual webcam model before she started a single stream; on the other, however, Melody embodies everything Twitch is careful about. The latter instantly bit the company in the ass, the new partner apparently sinking too deep into sexual territory.

Twitch leaves some leeway when it comes to sexual content, but they have always shown that they will ban overly frivolous streamers when exploring this territory. In an absolutely shocking Turn of events, the webcam model took it too far. Apparently Melody violated Community rules in one form or manner; Redditor “Fredthefree” pretty much sums up its potential misdeeds.

Nonetheless, Melody confirmed that the suspension is only a temporary setback, ensuring a swift return to the streaming platform.

On Twitch, allowing a partner to come back over and over is a story as old as time – as long as that streamer attracts a constant audience. Smaller streamers tend to be less fortunate, an issue the company is regularly called upon.

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As for Amouranth, she was apparently suspended for some totally foreign reason. According to Redditor “Tupetsa”, she updated her clients by saying, “I was told I was suspended for something that happened during a gym stream last week.” Amouranth also revealed, “I don’t have much more information than that. The longest possible is 3 days.”

This information is not surprising given its past issues with users reporting it en masse – often unwarrantedly. However, privacy concerns are always a factor when broadcasting in public, and training environments are among the highest risk. Either way, she was convinced she would be back there in a few days – and of course, her suspension was lifted only 27 hours after its application.

It was a big day for Twitch bans. Take down two streamers known for their outrageous content set the internet on fire – many angry users, others ecstatic. The three-day bans have become the platform’s new slapstick tactic, but sooner or later a clearer stance on sexual content will have to surface.

Sources: Reddit, Twitter

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