Township of Avon receives NAR grant for new outdoor space

The Township of Avon received $20,000 in venue creation funds through the National Association of REALTORS® Outreach Grant Program. These grants are awarded to local realtor organizations, in this case the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®, with the goal of creating new accessible public spaces.

In Avon Township, the planned project includes an outdoor community space, which will include a classroom, garden, small free library and more.

Avon Township Supervisor Michele Bauman first came up with the idea with the goal of establishing a zone for all members of the community. Bauman, who is a member of Mainstreet, worked directly with the organization to refine its vision for the space and strengthen the grant application.

“Now that we have the grant, I’m excited to bring the community together to shape what the final product will look like,” Bauman said in a press release. “We already held a community action meeting where people were able to share what they would like to see here in Avon Township.”

With the funds secured, Bauman’s new mission is to bring together contributions from different members of the community. She is already talking with several scouts about how their own initiatives could potentially add to the outdoor classroom.

“As a local association of real estate agents, we are proud of the many amenities the Chicagoland area offers residents,” Mainstreet Chairman of the Board John LeTourneau added in a statement. “We love to see new projects like this continue to improve the quality of life in our communities. »