Top 3 outdoor living trends this summer 2022

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With plenty of sunny days left for the year, there’s still time to make the most of the outdoors. From cozy patios to large lawns, there’s always a way to refresh your space.

If you’re like us, you’ll want to know what’s trending in UK gardens right now. Luckily for you, LuxDeco has taken a look at what people are looking for, revealing the top three outdoor trends for 2022.

1) Beautifully lit gardens

It’s an undeniable fact that lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a space, including gardens. The summer of 2022 has seen an increase in demand for outdoor lighting as people spend more time outdoors and continue to be entertained long after the sun has set.

LuxDeco saw a 24% increase in sales (and a 50% increase in searches) for outdoor lighting compared to last year. Specifically, they found that demand for luxury outdoor lanterns increased significantly this year, with customers using the search term 20% more than last year.

summer garden lights
alestrop lanterns

The need for high-end garden lighting is also confirmed by the emerging trend for luxurious spaces, with an increasing number of people looking to make the most of every space in their indoors and outdoors. Plus, nothing says luxury more than the mood lighting can create.

bowen black garden lantern

We think garden lighting is a brilliant way to quickly change the look of your outdoor space, big or small, and requires little effort. If you are lucky enough to have a pergola, outdoor string lights are a nice way to light up the space and give a nice starry sky effect. Hurricane style lanterns provide a warm glow ideal for illuminating walkways, entryways and outdoor dining tables. Solar lights work well in flower beds, while stationary wall sconces help illuminate dark corners.

2) Luxurious outdoor spaces

A recent report from trend forecasters, WGSN, revealed that there has been a marked increase in demand for high-end interiors and outdoor spaces that reflect the luxurious nature of hotels and restaurants. Consumers want to make everyday life (including their home and garden) special and decorate every inch of their space for maximum luxurious effect.

This is confirmed by the Pinterest Predicts trend report, which revealed how consumers are looking to upgrade their homes in 2022, cementing the trend with the Limitless Luxe label. The trend is focused on creating something opulent in otherwise neglected spaces – including gardens in need of an overhaul.

This desire for an elevated outdoor space is reflected in LuxDeco’s customer search terms, with searches for outdoor sculptures up 200% year-over-year. It is obvious that buyers want to create a garden that is inviting, neat and above all luxurious.

When transforming your garden into a lavish outdoor space, the key is to focus on the details. First, make sure the space is clean, tidy, and clutter-free (you may need to do some weeding, too!). Second, choose classic garden furniture – like a rattan dining set – that won’t date in terms of trends and should be of good enough quality to last for many years.

Finally, consider your accessories. Outdoor throw pillows and throws help elevate your seating arrangement, while lanterns and planters are a stylish way to dress up the space. Outdoor mirrors will help make your garden or terrace lighter, brighter and more spacious.

3) A hint of the Mediterranean

Perhaps a residual effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor living has never been more popular in the UK. This increase can also be seen in what LuxDeco buyers are looking for. This year, they saw searches for outdoor restaurants increase by 166% and outdoor seating by 300%. Not only do people want to be outdoors, they also want to have the perfect backyard for entertaining.

The most popular items mimicked the relaxed yet refined outdoor aesthetic of the Mediterranean, including clean color palettes, relaxed linens and light-hued wooden furniture.

amberley sofa set

It’s no surprise that the Mediterranean aesthetic is popular in British gardens. Not only is it understated yet welcoming, it’s also a look that most Brits would associate with the positive connotations of being on holiday.

To bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your garden, take inspiration from sunny Spanish villas and beautiful Italian country houses. Whitewashed garden walls help to reflect sunlight and will make your outdoor space look that much bigger. Tiles can be added as decorative details around seating or dining areas. When it comes to outdoor furniture, choose wood over rattan or metal, and add upholstery in neutral hues. For a pop of color, terracotta or navy blue are great tones to achieve a Mediterranean vibe.

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