Top 100: Coco Wolf’s building blocks for sustainable outdoor living

On the eve of the Top 100: Building Green Giants movie premiere, caught up with Rebecca and James Lorimer, founders of Coco Wolf; a luxury outdoor furniture brand now located in the heart of West London.

Rebecca and James founded their brand in 2014 with a vision to inject elegance and style into the world of outdoor furniture; revolutionize the way we live outdoors.

On the manufacturing side, all of our electricity comes from renewable sources. None of our products go to landfill, and we use recyclable and organic materials, as well as reusable bags which eliminate any need for unnecessary packaging around furniture,” says James.

Coco Wolf prioritizes sustainable practices at every stage of engineering, carefully selecting only wood from responsibly managed forests, and reusing and recycling raw materials where possible.

Fabric, foam, leather, paper, plastic and steel waste from production and administration is collected for reuse, reprocessing or recycling.

“All foams and materials are 100% recyclable. Thanks to new technologies, we now use a fifth of the amount of wood we used to use before. We want to build our furniture to last, that’s paramount. Easy to maintain, easy to repair, with the possibility of rejuvenating each part.

We wanted to create a new collection that focused on the idea of ​​organic shapes and in doing so, we sourced a lot of sustainable outdoor fabrics. It’s a completely different look to all of our other collections.” adds Rebecca.

With progressive strategies in place, new collections and exciting projects in the superyacht industry on the horizon, Coco Wolf is now delighted to announce the opening of its new showroom in London:

“We’ve just opened a new showroom on King’s Road in Chelsea, which we’re really excited about. It’s in central London; our flagship if you will.”

For us, sustainability is a long-term commitment, it’s not just a passing fad.” says Jacques.

“We are determined to make a difference in the future, especially for the younger generations.