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The trick to making the most of a large outdoor space? “I think of the outside space the same way I think of the inside,” says Los Angeles designer Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs. “Each area should have a goal. “ Our 2021 Whole Home’s pool – a necessity in the scorching heat of Texas – became the centerpiece of the home’s patio, so she built her plan around it. A conversation area by the fireplace features a sectional swing and youthful swings (but suitable for adults), and a grill area was fitted with an outdoor fridge for drinks and wine, a sink, and its own. dining table to make it the secondary “heart”. of the House. An exterior-rated quartz countertop tops a massive island that has an ice bucket and beer tap built into the surface. With a little extra space to spare, Hayslett created a few more areas: a spot for billiards, a huge wood-burning fireplace, and even an outdoor shower for a quick clean up just out of sight.

Patterned sectional pillows, swings, and rattan lanterns: Serena & Lily. Ottoman: Arhaus. Blanket: Fibers. Fireplace chairs: Global market.

Covered kitchen

outdoor kitchen, white countertop, brick wall, green wall,

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Never one to skimp on storage, Hayslett added lower and upper cabinets around the grill. “I wanted a place to put cups, dishes, and knickknacks, so I designed a tiered floating shelf and cabinet for easy access to everyday items,” she says. Outdoor devices: Renaissance and Acme Brick cooking systems. Cabinetmaking, ironwork, and shelving: Architectural grid. Brick wall: Acme brick. Counters: Caesarstone. Pendants and candlestick: Circa Lighting. Blanket: Fibers. Exterior painting: Farrow & Ball.

Pool table

pool table, terrace,

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Under the covered terrace, a personalized outdoor pool table is ready, rain or shine. Pool table: R&R outside.

Outdoor dining area

outdoor dining table

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A built-in bench seat, directly in front of the cooking area, provides a more formal dining option. Dinner table : Arhaus. Counter stools, dining room chair, and metal lanterns: Front door.

Lawn game

outdoor games terrace, swimming pool, outdoor games, outdoor seating area

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A small piece of AstroTurf provides a maintenance free surface for petanque or cornhole. Umbrella and convertible: Arhaus. Saddles: Front door. Planters: Custom Caesarstone. Lawn games: Walmart.

The final touch

outdoor chairs

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To outfit this chillout area with a few colorful cushions, potted plants, and glassware, the design team turned straight to Walmart.

VIP access

blue door with security lock

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A Schlage smart, programmable lock on each exterior door provides peace of mind (and easy access for guests, as you can customize codes).

Questions and answers

Beautiful house : Why should people splurge outdoors?

Linda Hayslett: The exterior is always neglected! I think in addition to the barbecue, you should splurge and invest some of that investment in outdoor furniture. You can definitely mix and match and make it your own, that way it becomes part of the whole house and space, including the interior. When you come outside, it’s not just a totally separate space from the inside.

HB: What is a misconception about decorating outdoors?

One thing people don’t realize is that you don’t have to buy everything in batches. Unfortunately, since people don’t really spend that much time in their outdoor spaces, they just run to the store and get anything and then throw it outside.

HB: If someone isn’t building their own house, how can they apply some of these ideas to their own outdoor space?

LH: If you don’t have a large space like this, you can also do the same in a smaller space. You can create conversation space on a small patio just by having two small chairs and a cute little side table. If you can’t have a built-in grill, you can have a small stand-alone grill and then a small beverage fridge, so people don’t go in and out all the time for drinks. Here we have made a built-in fireplace, but anyone can go for a stand-alone fireplace. You can go to Walmart and do the same and set the same mood.

HB: What about that super long bench that arrived near the fire pit? It seemed like a surprise.

LH: I thought it would be a bit smaller, but it could probably house an NFL team. However, I made it work, and it’s going to be awesome, and it works for the space.

HB: How did you design the storage system?

LH: With indoor kitchens you have a lot of storage and cabinetry, but nobody really thinks about cabinets and upper cabinets. outside. I wanted more storage, places to put mugs and drinks and little knickknacks and the like, so I designed this awesome floating shelf with an architectural grid, as well as an inlaid metal piece instead of glass for a cabinet.

HB: What do you think of the final look of your space?

LH: I am very happy with my last space! I think I achieved exactly what I wanted, which was to show that the exterior can totally compete with the interior. It’s not a second thought anymore, especially with this past year. I really wanted to prove to everyone that the outdoors is definitely a way of life and that you can achieve the same as interiors on the outside.

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