This game was here for the taking

Chris from New Richmond, IN

If I’m only disappointed with the Packers once every eight games, then I can be happy. They really could and should have won this one, but it’s a week-to-week league, isn’t it?

This game was there for the taking. It’s undeniable, and it’s a shame to waste such a huge defensive effort. But you can’t win when only one of the three phases presents itself. It’s a losing formula every Sunday.

Hi II, ML tried to sidetrack the lack of a winning blitz game plan away from JL, but everyone knew what the Chiefs would do: try to contain the current game and force JL to take some bad ones. decisions under pressure. It worked perfectly. Even some of JL’s completions shouldn’t have been thrown away. No one can say what kind of QB JL will become, but it was a bad start.

It was, and Jordan Love wasn’t good enough. Not even close. But I didn’t take LaFleur’s comments as another typical sword drop, which is why I focused on them in my editorial. He really and truly believes he let his young QB down. He talked about not protecting well enough (which I understood to refer to both protection calls and execution) and having too many longer development routes that Love did not offer. enough options to deliver the ball quickly. LaFleur knew exactly what the Chiefs were going to do and his QB didn’t have the answers. It is on the plan and therefore on the coach.

With Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon averaging about 5 yards per carry on just 20 attempts, why do you think they asked Jordan Love to throw the ball 34 times?

I think LaFleur is asking the same question today. From my seat, he seemed determined to make the Chiefs pay for being aggressive on the line of scrimmage and playing only deep safety. He wanted this room to relax things. I probably wanted it too much.

Tom from Highland Village, Texas

Hi Mike. First, I don’t think a single start is fair to judge the future of a QB. However, I have a question which I hope you will answer. How much can accuracy and arm strength be improved in a second year pro? I attended practice on August 10th and had both of these concerns about Jordan Love. Today he threw a lot of inaccurate passes, but I only noticed a few throws where arm strength was an issue. Are we just spoiled or can these shortcomings be drastically improved over time by a young QB?

Love’s accuracy on multiple shots was below par. I don’t expect that on his first start in the NFL with blitzers in his face, he throws precise one-on-one go-balls down the sideline. It is not realistic. But there were other simpler, easier throws that just needed to be more focused. These are the games and the payouts that can save you from a tough third down situation, when a coordinated defense by Spagnuolo goes to send the house. That said, when Love had protection, he produced. I think the accuracy can be improved, and when the game settles and slows down for him, muscle memory should kick in. As far as arm strength goes, I don’t think that’s a problem with Love. I saw him tear himself apart on the training ground and the arm is there. When his throws don’t have the correct zipper, in my opinion, it’s because he doesn’t put a foot in it and / or throw with confidence.

Obviously, Kansas City is one of the toughest places to play for a visiting team, let alone a young QB making his first start in the NFL. If this match had been played at Lambeau, would it have made a big enough difference for Love to win? Or weren’t his problems the kind of thing a field advantage could fix?

Not all. I suspect the pitch would have helped protect the passes more than anything, as the guys up front could have communicated better against all those third-down blitzes, and with no free runners in his face, Love could have converted a few more thirds. low.

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