The Paintball Experience – Developing outdoor activities in Guyana

While working at Digicel Guyana, Dason Anthony recalls being exposed to many fun days where the exciting activity of Paintball was practiced. Although not on his agenda when he left to start his entrepreneurial career at 592Tees, Dason would remember those fun days and the impact they had many years later.

Given the limited social activities in Guyana, Dason, shortly after returning from a camping trip with friends where they played paintball, recognized that the non-contact sport would be a great business opportunity that would also provide a great opportunity to relax and exercise as a family. and friends.

While exploring, Dason noticed that few paintball businesses were still established and he decided to partner with another business associate, successfully bringing the Paintball experience, “true paintball experience, safety being our top priority in the sport,” Dason said. .

With the business rapidly expanding right after its launch, Dason tried to find solutions to its main challenge, the need to expand its facilities. “Due to COVID-19 we can only book two teams per day so we hope to grow and ensure the sport can be offered throughout Guyana.” He said people participating in paintball activities typically receive 1,000 free paintballs, a bulletproof vest, paintball mask and marker, and two hours of playtime.

Dason, who is an alumnus of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI), said it was a life-changing experience that helped shape his perspective as an entrepreneur. “Beyond recognition, I acquired a whole network that covers Latin America and the Caribbean. YLAI shaped the entrepreneur I am today. If you ever get the chance to apply, do it, you won’t regret it,” he urged.