The little house opens its walls to embrace the outdoor life

When downsizing a small home, using a deck or porch can be a great way to increase living space. French architecture firm Atelier Fasea leans into this idea with their neat little house concept, which includes functional walls that open up the house and turn into two terraces when the weather is nice.

The unnamed tiny house is said to be based on a towable trailer and is 7.8m (about 23ft) in length, which is about the same size as other French tiny houses we’ve talked about from companies like Baluchon. and Optinid.

Structurally, it would consist of a timber frame and exterior, with hemp insulation, while electricity would come from solar panels and there would also be a rainwater harvesting system. However, the most remarkable aspect of the house’s design is its functional walls.

“In winter, the house is an autonomous mini-house, with a wood stove, solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system and two gas bottles if the light does not allow to generate enough electricity” , explains Atelier Fasea. “In spring and summer, the heat increases. We live outside more and want to enjoy it. The house expands accordingly. The facades turn and become a floor. It becomes additional spaces between the interior and the exterior. “outside. These spaces are covered by a waterproof tent, protecting us from rain, sun and mosquitoes. A system of motorized cylinders allows its deployment.”

The interior of the tiny house would have a total floor area of ​​17.7 square meters (190 square feet) and would be centered around its living room

Fasea Workshop

The interior proper would have a total floor area of ​​17.7m² (190 sq ft) and would be centered around a relatively large living room with a wood-burning stove and a dining table which can be extended when there is for guests, plus a queen sleeper sofa that sleeps two.

The kitchenette and bathroom of the small house would be located under a mezzanine accessible by stairs and hosting a double bed. The bathroom itself would include a shower, sink and toilet, while elsewhere there would be a small storage room to store wood, gas and water, as well as batteries for the installation of solar energy.

While it is currently only at the planning stage, Atelier Fasea has confirmed to us that the firm is studying the possibility of carrying it out soon.

Source: Fasea Workshop