The best winter outdoor activities

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People love or hate winter. Some complain about the cold, while others wear warmer clothes and have a list of things to pack for the holidays. Indeed, winter can offer you many great adventures if you are not afraid of freezing your nose and having itching in your fingers. It’s not just for kids too, of course. Many adults can still enjoy winter outdoor activities. There is just something magical about winter that makes everything different and uplifting. Winters bring out the inner child. So don’t deprive them of the fun!

Overall there is so much we can do in the winter. So why are we wasting these wonderful opportunities to enjoy winter activities? Miss this time and you will still have to wait a whole year. Let’s remember what activities you can do outside to have the best winter.

Build a snow fort

Everything about construction and snow is already fun. Some people can’t help but put their hands in the snow and shape something out of it. Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind should be to build a snowman. It’s super easy and quick to do. Nobody expects perfection from you and you are free to create the snowman you have in mind. However, what do you think about building a fort? Yes, all the strong! Isn’t that fun?

There is plenty of room for creativity and customization if you think about it. You can make it as big or small as you want. Plus, you can involve your friends and family in the process. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Building a fort is something that can easily keep you entertained for hours. Make it your own castle for the winter. Instead of piling snow somewhere after clearing the trail, use it to make your fort bigger. Put some decorations on it. Let neighbors’ children play there if they can’t help themselves. Such a construction can bring so much joy to everyone involved.


Now, many families have a winter ski vacation as an annual tradition. There is hardly any winter where they skip such a trip. However, as usual, there are many ways to approach such an activity. Some are fortunate enough to live in regions with cold, snowy winters. All they need is the right equipment and knowledge of the best ski routes in the area. Others have to go to winter vacation destinations with ski resorts. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Going out into nature with your friends and family can be quite a memorable experience that brings you together. Everyone carries snacks and thermos with hot drinks. Then you all take breaks to chat and get yourself a cup of hot tea or chocolate. Skiing like this is a bit difficult, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Going to the resort is a different but also an interesting experience. There can be many different activities designed for all age groups and skill levels. So everyone in the family can find something to their liking and have fun.


Skating is the definition of winter fun. Once winter begins, ice rinks begin to appear in all cities. Small or large, open or indoor, all rinks have an aura of joy and ease. Some regions are even lucky enough to have completely frozen lakes instead of created ice rinks! Just like in the good old days. People laugh, listen to Christmas music on repeat and have a blast. Some hang on to fences, while others can finally show off their skating skills. They had been waiting for it for a year! Overall, skating is a perfect winter activity for the whole family.

Hold a bonfire

How about having a nice winter bonfire? It’s true! No need to wait for summer to have a good time with family or friends around the bonfire. Get some warm clothes, bake marshmallows and hot chocolate, and invite your friends over. Having a bonfire in winter is a completely different experience compared to summer. In a way, it is even more comfortable and warmer. You can sit together enjoying the warmth of the fire, watching the snow fall and how it sparkles in the light of the fire. Maybe even prepare some interesting stories to tell while you’re at it. You can even read some of the articles written for me and choose editors to help you with this task.

Sculpture competition

Finally, winter is the only season when you can make an ice sculpture creation. This classic form of winter competition is hard to ignore on a list like ours. After all, some people take ice sculpting competitions very seriously. Their skills, creativity and dedication are simply at the next level. However, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy good old fashioned ice sculpture. You can start small and learn some of the techniques online for a better start. Overall, it’s all about precision and imagination. Oh, and try to keep yourself warm. Keep your gloves on and take tea breaks.

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