The ballot approved by the judge as part of the Detroit reparation initiative

DETROIT – During the November ballot, residents of Detroit will be asked if they want to change a specific section of the city’s charter. The language of the ballot approved by a Wayne County judge on Friday afternoon asks voters a yes or no question.

“The voters of the city reserve the power to promulgate municipal ordinances, called“ initiative ”, and the power to cancel ordinances, promulgated by the city called“ referendum ”. However, these powers do not extend to the budget and the referendum power does not extend to any emergency ordinance.

The City of Detroit Clerk and the Election Commission initially ruled that the language would not appear. This decision was overturned by Judge Tim Kenny.

“There is incompetence in the clerk’s office at the highest level,” said attorney Todd Perkins.

Perkins won his fight for the language to change the charter in the November ballot; however, given that it expressly has no budgetary authority, if a reparations voting initiative is ultimately adopted, will there be money attached to it?

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“This is just one step,” Perkins said. “It’s a ground game and we take those wins and go to the next level.”

A city spokesperson declined to comment.

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