Take on these 10 travel challenges to spice up your next adventure

Traveling is exciting but sometimes it can be regular and when something gets routine it gets tiring. Hence the need to spice things up from time to time. Traveling is not just about visiting a place and taking pictures. Sometimes one can engage in a unique challenge to spice up the experience and make it more unique. In these challenges, staying committed to the goal is what makes it exciting. Without further ado, here are some interesting challenges to spice up your next adventure.

ten Take a polar dip

A polar dive is both a thrilling and healthy experience for the body. Those few seconds of soaking in ice cold water will send adrenaline pumping through a person’s brain and make their heart pump faster. So many people are afraid of freezing temperatures, but it’s not a challenge if not scary.

9 Visit Napa Valley and don’t drink wine

Napa Valley is somewhat synonymous with wine, but while there are plenty of wine tasting opportunities in the area, there are also so many other great things to do in Napa that don’t include wine. Sometimes making the trip to this wine part of California can miss out on other interesting adventures they can have. So visit Napa and try to ignore the wine while engaging in other adventures. Perhaps only a few extremely disciplined travelers can overcome this challenge.

8 Experience all the adventures Costa Rica has to offer

Costa Rica is a paradise for all adventures. From rafting and surfing to hiking and kayaking, there are so many adventures one can experience in this country. The country also has some of the most thrilling zipline adventures in the world and they should definitely be added to the list. Most of its attractions can be extreme and suitable for experienced adrenaline junkies, but many can also be enjoyed by those new to extreme adventures. Several adventure schools are even available to teach people how to engage in these thrilling adventures, so you don’t even have to be an expert to enjoy the excitement Costa Rica has to offer.

seven Take the slowest mode of transportation possible

It’s not all the time that you have to take a plane or one of the other rapid modes of transport to get to your destination. A great way to spice up your trip will be to take the slowest mode of transportation possible to the destination you are heading to. One can choose to take a train instead of a plane or ride a bike instead of a car ride. It may be slow and time-consuming, but such a decision will help the traveler save money and also provide unique experiences along the way.

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6 Spend the night in another type of accommodation

When visiting a new place, people often look for hotels that they can book to spend the night. Although it may be necessary for some, there is no harm in taking on the challenge of staying in a tent outside or in a hostel. Remember that the goal is to spice up your adventure and have new experiences and one of the best ways to achieve this is to experience different types of stays. One can even stay in a hobbit house or experience a farm stay where one can enjoy a farm-to-table type of meal and also have the opportunity to help with some work agricultural.

5 Travel without technology

Technology has changed the whole world and this also encompasses the world of travel. Today, people rely too much on technology to travel. Although the importance of technology to travel these days is immeasurable, one can challenge oneself to travel without it. Think about it; ancient humans didn’t have the technology but they traveled the world. This certainly means that it is possible to travel without technology, but it requires serious preparation. One can start by reading about the destination, getting the right map and planning the trip. Such a challenge will activate skills that a person never thought they had. It will force you to think, ask questions, and rely on your personal skills to survive.

4 Travel using a language different from your main language

Communication is an important factor and the language barrier is real. But you don’t always have to fear the language barrier and this challenge is one way to face it head on. That’s it; travel to a foreign destination using the local language, even if it doesn’t sound familiar. To start, try to learn the basics of the local language, then decide to move with only this knowledge. When you greet, ask for directions, or buy something in a store, use this language, even if it’s difficult. If the words just can’t come out, use hand gestures as well. As well as being a great way to learn a new language, locals are immediately drawn to anyone who tries to communicate with them in their language.

3 Set a travel budget and stick to it (nothing more, nothing less)

Budgeting for an adventure is always an easy thing for many travelers to do, but sticking to the budget usually turns out to be the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest in winter. Now this is understandable because the prices can change and then one may have to spend more money. But if one always has to spend money on unwanted expenses, one can never stick to a budget. In fact, more challenges arise when deciding to stick to a budget. In this challenge, travelers are challenged to make a budget and stick to it. Besides being a good way to save money, sticking to a budget opens up opportunities for more adventures. For example, if the plane ticket is too expensive, one can take a train ride or travel by sea. Even if one cannot enjoy luxurious experiences, one will certainly enjoy adventures worthy of one’s budget.

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2 Visit the only surviving wonders of the ancient world

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are some of the most impressive examples of the excellence of the ancient people. Unfortunately most of these creations have been destroyed except for the magnificent pyramids of Giza. The fact that it is the oldest and only survivor of these magnificent structures even makes it worthy of a travel challenge. At the pyramids one can study the massive structures and study the theories of how they were built.

1 Discover the extreme weather conditions of the world

Travelers who really want to push their limits and get out of their comfort zone should visit places in the world with the most extreme weather conditions. From cities with temperatures as low as -500C (-580F) to extremely windy cities with wind speeds reaching 16 Mph, there are plenty of unique experiences to be had in this challenge.