“[Suspect] opened a bottle of wine and drank it “: police investigate robbery at restaurant Little Tokyo

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WFRV) – Burglaries and thefts occur at businesses in Green Bay. “I’m a little scared because I live here so it’s people here who are stealing from people,” said an eyewitness to a theft at the Little Caesars / Dino Shell gas station in Ashland and Lombardi on Wednesday after -midday.

Green Bay Police detectives are working on this case and at this time they say there are no further details on this crime.

“I moved to Green Bay from Milwaukee just to have peace of mind, just to be cool and live a good life,” the eyewitness said.

Early Thursday morning, Green Bay detectives were called to the restaurant Little Tokyo after someone reported that the company’s Broadway front door appeared to have been broken in. When law enforcement arrived, they saw the damage and notified owner Amy Lee.

Lee tells Local 5’s Eric Richards that she’s been in business for 19 years and that she’s never had a weird incident like this. She says the suspect had the opportunity to take the money but chose something else instead. “He opened a bottle of wine and drank it,” Lee explained. Surveillance cameras captured the entire incident.

Police are also investigating another incident on Broadway, this time on November 1, when an early morning suspect attempted to enter through the back door of Lil Jamaica Restaurant on Broadway.

“I watched the video over and over again, you could actually say he’s like the dumbest criminal ever,” said Nemard Wilson. Wilson says the suspect appeared to cut wires he believed to be connected to the camera system. In fact, it was not, and the cameras rolled while the crime was in progress. “He even took a cigarette break so this guy isn’t the smartest person,” Wilson added.

Smart or not, detectives are actively working on all reported crimes. “In the last month we have had three break-ins, one of which was an attempted break-in here in Lil Jamaica,” Lt. Clinton Beguhn said.

Part of the investigation is to determine if some are connected. “We are investigating at least two of the incidents as being related. We don’t think the one that happened overnight / today is related to the first two, ”Beguhn said.

Wilson is getting ready for the annual Christmas Parade festivities, and the attempted break-in does not slow anything down. “We are always preparing to take care of the community and we are going to do it regardless of that,” Wilson said.

If you have any information about any of the crimes in Green Bay, you are advised to contact the police by calling 920-488-3000.

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