Sullivans Expands Home Decor Offering with New Outdoor Living Collection

Sullivan launched Woodstock Elements, an exclusive line of outdoor decor and accessories.

Woodstock Elements represents a collaboration with Woodstock Chimes, which Sullivans acquired in 2021, and consists of nearly 100 different outdoor products in two color palettes: copper and gray. The line covers several categories of garden and outdoor decor, ranging from garden stakes and spinners to benches, birdhouses and fountains.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Woodstock Elements… It’s clear that consumers are increasingly interested in improving their outdoor environment, and we were eager to get involved,” said CEO Tom Russo.

The company recently conducted a survey of consumer behavior in home decor, focusing on consumers’ outdoor living spaces. The survey revealed that 82% of respondents agreed that their outdoor space is more important than ever to them. And 56% said they were looking for outdoor planters and pots, bird feeders, wind chimes, solar lighting and more with the intention of creating a certain “mood or atmosphere”.

“The events of the pandemic have left consumers determined about their outdoor decor and the mood it creates,” Sullivans said in a statement.

The launch of Woodstock Elements coincides with the launch of several Woodstock Chimes products, including the Amazing Grace Magical Mystery chime and a special new addition, the Singing in the Rain chime.

Woodstock’s Magical Mystery chimes have octave doubling capabilities, which is essentially a “chime within a chime”, as these special chimes play the same notes in a variety of pitches. “Amazing Grace” is Woodstock Chimes’ most popular chime theme and has 12 best-selling iterations, the company said.

The Singing in the Rain Chime references the 1929 hit, “Singin’ in the Rain” and is a unique combination of musically tuned aluminum tubes and smaller bamboo tubes. “This combination plays a recognizable ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ tune with the sound of peaceful rain rolling in,” said Garry Kvisstad, the creator of Woodstock Chimes. “It’s a ‘multimedia’ chime and the only chime of its kind on the market.”

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