Stealth Patio Theater LED TV Systems Energize Outdoor Living Spaces

When it comes to big screen entertainment for the outdoors, custom integrators can expand their customers’ backyard entertainment with a solution like the Stealth Patio Theater from Stealth Acoustics.

Stealth Patio Theater (SPT) launched in 2015 from Washington State stealth acoustics with the core concept of creating a self-contained, daylight-viewable TV system that leverages the latest LED technology to overcome many of the problems owners and integrators face when reproducing a theater-like experience at exterior,” says Brian Azzano, Vice President, stealth acoustics.

“Today, three models of Patio Theater TVs deliver stunning performance even in direct sunlight – where traditional weatherproof TVs and delicate projectors and screens fall short,” says Azzano.

The original SPT Extreme is available in four sizes from 105 to 190 inches in P3 LED resolution. These theater-sized displays feature a vertical lift system ideal for recessing the all-metal cabinet below floor level for a pop-up experience, says Azzano.

Stealth patio theaters include different colors and soundbar options

The SPT Extreme is available with 3.1 channel sound built right into the cabinet (which can be used even when the screen is retracted) or a soundbar that moves with the screen.

Designed for luxury marine applications, the 120 inch P3 Resolution Foldable SPT Transformer is a compact solution for any location. The fiberglass enclosure is available in eight colors and features an integrated, weatherproof 3.1-channel audio system.

Meanwhile, the Modular Megalith SPT lives up to its name and is available in seven sizes from 105 to 338 inches. The SPT Megalith TV can be wall mounted or installed as a standalone screen when used with the optional support structure kit.

The SPT Megalith solution includes an optional 3.1 soundbar. New for 2022, the Megalith can be specified in the original P4 resolution or as a high resolution P3 display.

“With the Patio Theater family of complete outdoor TV systems, Stealth Acoustics has taken the guesswork out of designing LED screens and lift systems for our integrators,” notes Azzano.

Additionally, other outdoor sounds can be addressed by Stealth Acoustics integrators using the company’s versatile StingRay speakers. For more details from Azzano on SPT options, watch the video above or visit Stealth Acoustics website.