Someone pretending to be an adult chat site sends out a DMCA takedown service targets tons of legitimate sites including Chaturbate itself [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: It wasn’t until after the post was released that I finally heard from Chaturbate about their fake DMCA notifications. Chaturbate support claims that these notifications were made by an impostor. I am not ready to take the company at its word, because there is hundreds of DMCA reviews to dig before anything can be determined further. It appears that some DMCA notices have been more finely targeted (sites claim “still content” [?!]), but all of these were released in the span of five days, suggest a concerted effort by Chaturbate that appears to have failed, at least initially.

UPDATE # 2: After several emails, it looks like someone is using the name Chaturbate to send DMCA withdrawals, but that is * not * Chaturbate itself. (Here’s what a legitimate takedown notice performed by Chaturbate’s internal service looks like.) Here’s the latest, straight from Chaturbate:

From what we can tell, these reviews probably come from one of two possible sources. The first source is a third-party DMCA notification service that has contracted directly with our users. We are in the process of sending an email to every user on whose behalf one of these bogus notices was sent, asking them to put us in touch with the opt-out service they are using. The other possible source is a user who decided to breach the community of sites that repost recorded content from Chaturbate and decided that sending DMCA notices without permission was a good way to achieve this. goal. If we get a response from any user who helps us get to the bottom of this, we’ll let you know.

When more details become available, a follow-up article will be written, hopefully exposing the third-party DMCA service masquerading as Chaturbate and doing a lousy job protecting someone else’s intellectual property.

Passwords are great. It’s a very effective way to forcibly join two (possibly unrelated) actions and create a whole new activity. Add to that a pretty fast internet connection and you’ve got Chaturbate, a service that brings people together to do things separately.

Granted, much of this could be done with other services, including portmaneau’ed ChatRoulette, but the targeted markets are more profitable than floating from chat to chat in the hope of escaping the “turbate” part. “of this Internet concoction. Chatting is fun. Masturbation too. But not many people like to masturbate, especially when they are looking for a little chat. Chaturbate, however, gives people what they want, in as many varieties as they want.

Good for Chaturbate and its users. Like any other webcam service, Chaturbate wants to prevent people from finding the same things for free. It therefore performs its own free and in-house DMCA withdrawal service. Good news for its customers, especially those who provide entertainment.

Unfortunately for Chaturbate and its users, an unknown third party stepped in to do it as badly as inhumanly possible. For two days in July, Chaturbate someone using the name Chaturbate bombarded Google with DMCA notifications – many of them are probably duplicates. Almost nothing has been deleted. There might be a few illicit streams / registrations somewhere in the web page stack, but it will take some time to sort through because of all the garbage added by these removal efforts.

In addition to targeting his own site Chaturbate itself in its withdrawal requests …

The third party also targeted:

And these are just a few selections from a unique DMCA notice. There are dozens of others, filled with the same mistakes. Several university websites are targeted, as well as several product pages from Amazon and eBay. The only thing that seems to tie these URLs together could be the names mentioned on the pages. “Colin” appears to be a trigger, realizing several dummy targets in Chaturbate these takedown notices, including most of the URLs listed above.

Yes Chaturbate someone does research using the names of performers, this automatically generates a ton of unwanted results that no one in the business is sorting before passing takedown notices to Google. A lack of attention to detail is never a good sign when it comes to the business world. It’s even worse when it has the potential to remove legitimate content. And it would happen en masse if Google was as careless as those who issued takedown notices.

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