Smoke-Free Square Patio Fireplace

The patent pending Square Peak is the only ready-to-assemble patio fireplace on the market that is square in style and smokeless. A minimal footprint ensures easy transport from store to home, and it can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. The ultimate ease of use complements the durability of the Square Peak, with an integrated body that connects the legs and the combustion chamber into a single structure built to last.

Its trendy square shape easily accommodates three standard size split firewood logs horizontally in each fuel layer, up to three layers deep, for a total of nine logs. As a result, users do not need to cut logs before using them in the fireplace. As with all Blue Sky Outdoor Living smoke-free fireplaces, the Square Peak offers a unique double-walled steel construction that creates strong airflow. This draws cool outside air to the bottom of the double wall and releases it from above, rekindles the air and creates a surge of oxygen which causes a powerful secondary burn at the top of the fireplace. This secondary combustion produces a more efficient flame that burns hotter and longer, without smoke or the need for constant maintenance.

A feature of Square Peak – and all Blue Sky Outdoor Living smoke-free fireplaces – is a dual fuel option. The fires can be built with up to nine traditional logs, wood pellets, or a combination of the two. Even the patent pending ashtray makes the experience a snap. Once the fireplace has cooled, users can easily remove the ash from the top opening with handles that allow for easy disposal.

“The Square Peak Smokeless Garden Fireplace Simplifies the Home Experience, Right Out of the Box,” said Blue Sky Outdoor Living Marketing Director Maegan sadocha. “Assembling it for the first smokeless fire only takes a few minutes and is easy to maintain in the long run. Square Peak offers a distinct combination of convenience and style at a great value for the leisure enthusiast, whatever the season. “

The Blue Sky Outdoor Living Square Peak Smoke-Free Patio Fireplace is now available for pre-order. Go to to locate retailers. Visit Blue Sky Outdoor Living on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest.

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