September challenges to stay motivated

With summer vacation already feeling like an eternity and the tan fading, life for many of us is about to return to normal. That means back to work, back to school, and back to more normal driving habits.

There are fewer organized events to ride as we get to that time or year, but there are still plenty of daylight hours and warm weather to ride, so there’s no need to slow down to the moment.

If you need a little motivation, try two new challenges. Keep us all posted on your progress and be sure to let us know if and when you hit the 5,000 mile mark. September is usually a month when we get a flood of finishers.

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1. Ride five days in a row

September CW5000 Challenges

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Consistency has always been the key to great miles. It doesn’t matter if you never do big trips, if you keep plugging in, you’ll get to 5,000 miles. After all, all you have to do is average 13 miles a day to reach that goal.

If you manage to ride every day, you will soon notice that it becomes a habit. At that point, going out for a ride stops becoming difficult and instead becomes the normal thing to do.

Both indoor and outdoor miles count towards this challenge, the only caveat is that each ride must be at least 10 miles in distance or one hour in duration.

2. Complete a 100 mile ride

September CW5000 Challenges

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Remember what you just read about consistency being key, not big miles? Well, forget that for now, because we all love a great day in the saddle!

We always try to mix these challenges up to get the best out of you, so once you’ve done your five rides you should be in good shape to take on a century. That’s if you don’t already have the physical shape.

Why 100 miles? Well, hitting a round number on a ride is one of those things cyclists have to do. Drive around the block so that the computer on your handlebars goes to three digits. Is it even possible to end a ride after 99.4 miles? I do not think so.