Senator Baldwin visits Green Bay, talks about jobs and the “Buy America” ​​initiative

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WBAY) – One of the U.S. senators from Wisconsin said the pandemic has exposed the need for the United States to make the products Americans buy in the states.

Senator Tammy Baldwin, (D) Wisconsin, made the comments Thursday during a visit to Green Bay Drop Forge, which is struggling to hire employees.

She stopped by the manufacturing plant to highlight her “Buy in America” initiative.

“The pandemic has kind of taught us that there are things we use to do here and we don’t do it anymore, and when you have a global problem, a global crisis, our access to what we need is limited, “said Senator Baldwin.

For over a hundred years, Green Bay Drop Forge has been manufacturing custom and standard steel forgings.

The senator said the United States should be less dependent on overseas production and the employees she spoke to agreed, expressing concern over the disruption of the global supply chain.

“The more we can control ourselves, the better off we are, you know, not to depend too much. You will always need the global market, but sometimes you need your own resources, ”said Hector Ibarra, COO of Green Bay Drop Forge.

An issue that is emerging nationwide, Green Bay Drop Forge is struggling to hire employees despite the ability to train them.

“As I spoke to the senator today, we encourage people to come with no skills and we will train them. Right from entry level… the limit is endless on where they would like to go, ”said company president Bill Hoban.

Next week, the US Senate will vote on a bill that Senator Baldwin led to include US reforms, according to his office.

At Thursday’s event, the senator also expressed support for President Joe Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill, as recent reports said he was prepared to compromise with Republicans on its hike. corporate tax.

“What we can’t do is throw the box on the road for decades like we’ve done so far,” she said.

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