Selling the benefits of TimberTech AZEK® Outdoor Living products to your customers

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As homeowners continue to clamor for outdoor living, decking materials are a hot commodity, but not all composite decking is created equal. What makes the TimberTech AZEK® a unique collection?

Unparalleled design and performance

TimberTech uses technology to design environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetically pleasing deck boards that provide the look of wood without the associated maintenance. The decking boards and cover are 100% synthetic, an engineered material and the core is made of a proprietary fully synthetic polymer blend.

  • Installers appreciate that TimberTech AZEK panels are 30% lighter than competing composite products.
  • As an extension of the home, the Class A flame spread rating for the Vintage collection® and The Landmark Collection™ shows how TimberTech has taken steps to ensure backyard builds can withstand the heat and remain an outdoor oasis.
  • Combined with a 50-year limited warranty against fading and staining, you help sell the peace of mind that is passed on to the end user.

Sophisticated real wood aesthetics

Real wood look combined with Alloy Armor technology® benefit installers and owners alike. TimberTech decking is built to withstand almost anything life throws at it. Offering the best scratch-resistant composite decking so all types of traffic won’t detract from the beauty of a TimberTech outdoor living space. TimberTech AZEK panels are also available in a multitude of colors to suit both classic and contemporary design styles.

  • The Vintage Collection® has a distinctive style with a brushed finish and very mixed hues.
  • The Landmark Collection features a unique highly blended coloring with a reclaimed wood aesthetic, cathedral wood grain and cross finish.
  • The Harvest Collection® is designed to inspire with solid colors and a cathedral wood grain finish.
Timber Tech

Still not sure what the right color is for your next job? Discover outdoor projects TimberTech has curated decking colors and design inspiration to help you find the right combination.

Stay cooler on hot days

As first-generation composite decking got hot in the sun, TimberTech innovated beyond first-generation products. Polymer decking covered with TimberTech is designed to be cooler to the touch, even in direct sunlight. Popular choices for everyday patios, poolsides, waterside retreats and rooftop escapes include Coastline and Weathered Teak from the Vintage Collection™, and the recently added French White Oak from the Landmark Collection™.


*Although TimberTech AZEK decking products are cooler to the touch than many other decking board products, all decking products get hot in the sun. In addition, the darker the color of the terrace, the warmer it will be. For warmer climates, consider choosing a lighter color

Discover additional features and benefits

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