SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living Spring 2022 is now available!

In this issue, we learn how to grow your own cut flowers, get the most out of begonias and give your lawn some love – plus all of Kim Syrus’ work for the spring garden.

As the days get longer and the ground begins to warm up, the garden comes alive – and that includes the weeds!

There’s so much to do in the spring – luckily Kim Syrus is back with all her seasonal garden work.

Open Gardens SA is also back with an exceptional spring calendar. In this issue we enter a beautiful private garden in Highgate, which you can also visit for yourself.

The humble tuberous begonia can be a joy for some and a disaster for others, but why? Fear not, we hear from begonia collector David McKenzie on his top tips for growing these amazing plants.

Have you thought about applying the principles of permaculture in your garden? It’s not as complicated as you might think and the benefits – for you, your garden and the environment – ​​can be huge.

Tomatoes are an absolute must for any outdoor space, whether you have a pot, patio, or property. Best of all, kids love getting involved in growing and harvesting the colorful little tommies…you might even persuade them to eat them.

The Spring 2022 issue of SALIFE Gardens and outdoors is available now from press agencies and garden centres.

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