Saint-Louis experts to design an outdoor space that matches your style

With the amount from the time we’ve spent in our homes over the past two years, it’s only natural that many of us have found new ways to make the most of it.

“Outdoor living spaces are very hot,” says St. Louis owner Bobby Krull Bobby K Designs and Rescue Landscaping and Outdoor Living. Krull designs and installs decks, patios and the like for a living, but his thousands of YouTube and TikTok subscribers know him as the friendly design talent whose creative ideas help boost curb appeal. “[Outdoor areas] are an extension of the house,” he says. “A lot of times these pieces overpower interior pieces – they’re so cool. With HGTV and YouTube and all those DIY shows, it blew up our business and our market. People see the value.

This value often translates into additional square feet for living and entertaining, as well as dollars and cents. According to 2022 REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN SAINT-LOUIS President Katie Berry, homes with ready-made outdoor spaces, like a kitchen or access to water, command higher prices in an already hot market.

“If you own a property with a unique outdoor space, it’s really going to give you a head start. [For example], in a typical market, we don’t think swimming pools add value to homes, but right now pool companies are experiencing rushes. I understand that many companies have long waiting lists, which pushes the competition for already built houses with swimming pools to be much higher. »

Exterior features such as foyers, kitchens and living rooms with media centers and app-controlled heating, air and sound are among the most popular projects right now, Krull says. Recently, it converted its own backyard into an inviting living room with a lean-to-style structure with a fireplace and kitchen overlooking the pool. He says his goal was to demonstrate how homeowners benefit from well-designed outdoor spaces year-round, even in Missouri.

“I don’t want people to be locked in thought, I can’t have this ’cause I don’t live in California, or I don’t live in Floridasays Krull. “That’s not true. I can absolutely bring those kinds of spaces to St. Louis.

But buyers should do their research before contacting a designer and writing that first check. Berry says it’s important for homeowners to understand if their property will retain its value with the addition of new outdoor space, and if they can add one.

“If you have a plan in mind when buying a home, talk to your real estate agent about it,” she says. “They can make sure you’re protected.”

For example, when drafting the contract, agents may stipulate that the sale is conditional on obtaining permission to install a swimming pool or terrace. “Let’s say there’s a sewer easement running through the property, and now you can’t build this pool,” she says. “Talk to the professional during [you’re] in this home buying process.

Owners should also consider their long-term plans. For those investing in a forever home, building a space to suit specific tastes makes sense, but anyone planning to stay in a home for a short time may wish to seek advice from their agent before proceeding. Find out what sells and what features are a good ROI.

Whatever project owners choose, they must make it their own. “Once you start buying furniture, you start decorating, you start getting little focal points there, [that’s] when it starts to take on a life of its own,” Krull explains. “People spend more time outdoors than indoors. I saw it; I do it at home. You want to spend as much time as possible there.