Rosie on the House: Keep a Tidy Outdoor Space to Earn Points with the Neighbors | Home & Garden

Don’t think you can just shoot the sissoo down and that’s it. Once the tree is damaged, the roots sprout many shoots.

Do yourself and your neighbor a favor: hire a professional to cut the tree down safely and immediately apply a systemic herbicide to the holes drilled in the outer ring of sapwood at the top of the stump. This will kill the stump and roots several feet from the tree.

Note: Chemicals needed for stump, root and shoot treatments are not available over-the-counter and must be applied by an applicator licensed with the Arizona Office of Pest Management, such as Scottsdale Weed Control & Fertilization.

Don’t be a plague

“Debris in the yard is a major condition of pest problems. Wood, unused tiles, tires, toys – all of these things create great places for pests,” says Nathan Woolf, Managing Director of Blue Sky Pest Control, a Certified Rosie Partner. “Also, not keeping the yard well maintained leads to pest problems. Overgrown grass, leaf litter under bushes, and excessive watering all lead to pest activity.

Quickly pick fruit from trees. Woolf warns that leaving fruit on the ground can lead to roof rat infestations.

Unless you want your neighbor to “report” you in town, Woolf also suggests eliminating food sources and nesting areas. Keep your landscape properly maintained. Cutting trees so they don’t touch or hang over the house or other structures, fixing lids on garbage cans and garbage cans, keeping garbage cans closed, picking and collecting fallen fruit, and storing food Pets indoors when it’s not feeding time can prevent roof rats.