Rob Van Dam refers to Impact Wrestling channel banned from Twitch

As stated previously, Impact Wrestling’s Twitch channel has been banned last week, probably from a racy segment between Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes and Jennifer Barlow. The segment featured RVD bragging about their PPV victories over Brian Cage and Daga at Hard to kill. During the celebration, Forbes and his girlfriend joined him for a celebration, using whipped cream to cover their bodies (with several blurry parts) while kissing.

Impact Wrestling has since removed the video from its YouTube channel.

RVD referred to what happened earlier this week, writing on Twitter: “New t-shirt idea – ‘Rob Ban Dam’ Yeah or no? #ImpactWrestling #rvd #katieforbes @AXSTV

Violate Twitch guidelines About sexual content is probably the reason Impact’s channel was taken down, here are Twitch’s rules about what can’t be posted on its platform:

“We limit content that involves nudity or that is sexual in nature, and we are committed to ensuring that Twitch is not used for the purposes of sexual exploitation or abuse … Although we understand that some content that is nudity or of a sexual nature may be intended for educational, scientific, artistic, newsworthy, or academic purposes, we limit this content due to the diverse age and cultural background of our global community. We may, in limited educational and artistic contexts, make pre-approved exceptions to these policies. “

Impact Wrestling has yet to comment and is still currently banned from Twitch.

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