Refresh your outdoor space

Now that we’re in the middle of summer, most of us are enjoying the nice weather outside. And this summer is a far cry from the dreary winter we’ve survived.

Many have been busy planting gardens, mowing lawns or doing outdoor chores. Most like to have an outdoor space to enjoy this time of year, an extension of their indoor home. So how do you make that outdoor space even more comfortable and possibly extend your enjoyment? Below are some suggestions for making this space special, warm and inviting.

There are ways to enjoy your outdoor space in the scorching sun and pouring rain.

First, consider adding an awning, available at many stores during the season. They provide plenty of shelter from the sun and rain. Some can be removed at the end of the season or left in place if properly covered during the winter months. Another more expensive option is to add a retractable awning. They can provide shelter when needed and then put away when finished.

Another way to extend the duration of your outdoor enjoyment is to add outdoor heaters, a fireplace, or just a portable fire pit. Any of these will come in handy when the fall air turns cold. As for adding a warm look, add some outdoor string lights to your space. You can create the sensation you want with wide varieties, whatever your taste.

Need a way to entertain your guests? Add a bar for your guests. A bar makes it less informal and more inviting, even if you have an outdoor dining set. You have a wide variety to choose from and their prices can vary. Another option is to add outdoor weatherproof speakers or opt for portable speakers to set the mood.

Now, what about the finishes? You can purchase an inexpensive outdoor rug to tie the space together. Then add a new look by purchasing new table linens for your outdoor dining table. And maybe new festive dishes and glasses to unify the look. Now all you need are guests!

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Marlin Paliche