Refresh your outdoor space with IKEA for summer

The table offers enough space to gather at least six people, and the accompaniment NORRMANSÖ chairs have acacia seats with rounded white steel frames that provide a nice complement to the wood grain.

Since I live in Washington, D.C., where the summers are relentlessly hot and humid, I’d like to make it easy for guests to hydrate without any of us needing to venture into the house every two minutes to top up. our drinks. A ship like VARDAGEN beverage dispenser holds five liters of liquid, and the clear glass container can easily display colorful summer drinks with fruit slices and herbs. (The latter might be adorable to push into the Greenhouse STÄRKTif only my green thumb ambitions came true.) Putting a pretty drink in an easy-to-reach drink dispenser turns an entertaining necessity into something that feels a little more festive than the everyday.

Picnics in the sun

Like tons of other people, my husband and I have become big on picnics over the past two years. Having our own outdoor space for picnics can help us take things to a whole new level.

The Throw ODDHILD, made from durable 100% recycled polyester, seems like a great option to set against the floor and then cover with a more decorative equivalent. IKEA has several options for this; I’m partial to the shade of care VALKRASSING throw. (Both blankets are machine washable, which comes in handy in case of picnic-induced crumbs and stains.)

I would add some cushions wrapped in nice blankets like the Cushion cover VEDMAL for lounging, an extra cushion or both. Once installed, the RESGODD bed tray would keep delicious food and drinks easily within reach, whether setting them directly against the floor or raising them to a taller height.

Outdoor Reading Retreat

As excited as I am to welcome people outdoors this summer, I also look forward to using the space as an outdoor reading haven. And nothing says “outdoor reading haven” like a hammock like the Hammock HAMNÖN Is. We don’t have trees in our patio, but that’s no problem with the HAMNÖN hammock, which we could use with the GÅRÖ hammock stand or ride against our fence. (As a bonus, the HAMNÖN hammock features a great summer color palette of red and white stripes.)