Red Stick Social will expand the outdoor space and renovate the interior

Red Stick Social will expand the outdoor space and renovate the interior

Baton Rouge Social is expanding and modernizing its outdoor concert hall as well as its five interior floors in the coming months.

General Manager Michael Hueffer said management was looking to improve the venue’s outdoor space and would add a permanent stage, beer garden and outdoor container bar with a rooftop VIP viewing deck. All dirt will be replaced with artificial grass.

Hueffer and his team also want to transform Red Stick Social into a more multi-dimensional venue, which is hard to do with its current stage and a few bowling alleys, so they decided to renovate the interior as well.

The bowling alley on the fifth floor will be replaced by a stage and the bar will be transformed into a speakeasy. The third floor bowling alleys will remain, but a permanent bar will be added. A place on the first floor will be transformed into a café, offering City Roots drinks and fresh breakfast foods. The fourth floor will have a permanent bar, a green room and a bridal suite.

Hueffer would also like to use the fifth floor for weddings.

“I don’t know of anyone else in the city who has the amount of space we have,” he says, “and it will give us more sources of income.”

Alterations to the outdoor space will come first, with renovations expected to begin next month and be completed by summer.

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