Pros and Cons of Trading for Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers No.25 Ben Simmons dives past Detroit Pistons No.9 Langston Galloway (Photo by Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)

The relationship between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers is reportedly on the rocks, but should the Detroit Pistons be interested in a trade?

Traditionally, the Pistons have earned their stars through draft and trade, as Detroit is not a top destination for free agents. Getting an All-NBA, All-Defensive talent that’s only 25 years old isn’t easy, so the Pistons will either have to wait for Cade Cunningham to become a superstar or look to trade for an unfortunate star.

As good as Simmons is in some areas, he’s still an imperfect player who makes a lot of money, so there are pros and cons to going up against a guy like that, especially when Philly would seek ransom from a king in return. . .

We suggested a trade that would get the Pistons there, but they would drop seven players and a first-round pick in a 3-team trade. The craziest thing is that it might still be enough.

But let’s assume for a moment that the Detroit Pistons have what it takes to trade for Ben Simmons. Would they even want? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons in terms of finances and fit.

Detroit Pistons: Ben Simmons’ salary and the future

Pro: Ben Simmons is locked in a contract until 2024-25 and while he will be making $ 38 million by then, that cost will be pretty average for max deals and won’t look so bad. He’s only 25, so the Pistons would get all of his best years in a scenario where he seeks to prove everyone wrong and has a chip on his shoulder.

Plus, with Blake Griffin leaving his contract next season, the Pistons will have the space to absorb it without risking the future of their young core. I can’t imagine a scenario where the Pistons get Simmons without giving up Jerami Grant, but even if they didn’t, his contract is canceled after 2022-2023, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

The Pistons don’t have bad contracts (other than dead money) and are in a perfect position to take on a mid-20s star who fits into the timeline of their young core.

Also, there aren’t many free agents in this tier that will be available over the next few seasons, so if the Pistons want to have a young player of this caliber, they’ll have to trade for him.

Inconvenience : By accepting Simmons’ contract, the Pistons would make him the financial centerpiece of their team for the next four years. He’s an elite defensive player and passer, but he has huge flaws in his attacking game, so is he really worth over $ 30 million a season? The Pistons could sit in their cap space as they develop and hit when they’re ready to win.

If the Detroit Pistons stick to their money for the next few seasons, they would be able to add up to two free agents just when their young players are ready to compete.

I think finances are ultimately a wash out as stars cost money and Simmons could actually look like a bargain in 3-4 seasons as some guys in the league are making well over $ 50 million per season. .

Verdict: Dark!

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