Projekt Melody banned on Twitch one day after partnering

Virtual camgirl Projekt Melody was banned by Twitch just a day after partnering on the platform.

Describing herself as “the first and only hentai camgirl rendered in 3D”, Projekt Melody naturally had to tone down her usual content for Twitch. Her Twitch debut saw her garner more than 30,000 simultaneous viewers.

Despite her efforts, she was suspended by the streaming giant but said she would return next week.

Although no official reason has been given for its suspension, the obvious publicity of the virtual model for Fakku and the presence of streaming sex toys could have been accounted for by Twitch.

The Projekt Melody model is created by DigitrevX, a professional 3D artist and animator. While they have been shy about the “complicated” technology used to bring Melody to life, it is likely a form of combination capture commonly used in visual effects technology.

This provides motion capture data to the computer, which can then be transposed to a 3D model of the artist’s choice.

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