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We may be enjoying the mild temperatures and beautiful fall colors right now, but with the onset of winter, unpredictable weather is sure to follow.

Snow, ice and wind can appear quickly due to changes in humidity and falling temperatures. It is therefore important to be prepared at home and during the trip for potentially severe weather conditions that may arise.

Preparing your home for the cold winter

If a winter storm is severe enough, you may be forced to stay home for long periods of time. To prepare for this, it’s a good idea to plan to winterize your home.

Inspect all of your windows, doors, exterior walls and attic for drafts and air leaks. Seal them and insulate them accordingly so that no air escapes from the space. Depending on the temperature and wind conditions, you can also cover your windows with plastic wrap to further block drafts.

This is also the time to have your heating system checked and tested by a professional. This way you will be assured that it will work properly and efficiently when you need it. Keep a steady supply of food, water, and emergency parts such as flashlights, batteries, chargers for your phone, and other electronics close at hand.

Plan any trip carefully

Travel may sometimes be necessary, but in winter there are some important considerations to keep in mind to keep everyone safe.

Plan any trip carefully and allow extra time to account for bad weather, difficult road conditions and traffic changes. Keep your driving style and the operation of your vehicle within safe limits and ensure that you can navigate safely in any snow or ice you may encounter.

Stay informed

Another good idea is to make contingency plans for you and your family. Prepare a kit of supplies that you can access quickly and pay attention to any local emergency broadcasts. Communicate contingencies with your neighbors and friends in the area when possible so that you are all prepared to help in unexpected situations.

Taking these precautions will help you deal with any emergency that arises.

Winter will be here before we know it, and these tips will help you prepare for the cold and unpredictable months. For more tips on dealing with harsh winter conditions, visit our website or call us at 815-288-7841.

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