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Southfield (CBS Detroit) – With a Detroit mayoral race, a gubernatorial contest taking shape, a smoldering Afghanistan crisis, and a big business growing, “Michigan Matters” addresses these and other questions as Detroit editor-in-chief. Free Press and Vice President Peter Bhatia, political consultant Randy Richardville, and Sandy Pierce, president of Michigan / Huntington Bank, appear on the show that airs Sunday at 8 a.m. on CBS 62.

Michigan Matters host Carol Cain, with Peter Bhatia, editor and vice president of the Detroit Free Press

Bhatia, who runs the state’s largest media company, appeared with lead producer / host Carol Cain as he shared his thoughts on the race between incumbent Mayor Mike Duggan and challenger Anthony Adams, who won the primary in Detroit. He also shared his thoughts on former Detroit Police Chief James Craig as a potential Republican challenger to Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2022.

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Bhatia discussed the Afghan crisis, Biden’s handling of it as well as the upcoming Detroit Free Press Film Festival which was held September 22-26 in Metro Detroit at various locations and also virtually as documentaries on Boblo, Ray Parker Jr. and dozens of others. unveiled (see freepfilmfestival.com).

Michigan Matters host Carol Cain, with Randy Richardville, former Majority Leader in the State Senate

Richardville, a former majority leader in the state Senate, discussed the field of Republican candidates lined up in hopes of eventually facing Whitmer in 2022.

He also spoke about Afghanistan and Biden’s connections there. Chaos quickly arose when the Taliban regained control of the nation in days versus months, which the Biden administration had predicted.

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Richardville also spoke of the late former Rep. Paul Mitchell, who died this week of kidney cancer at the age of 64. He spoke about the longtime conservative Republican who was shocked by the 2020 election and GOP support for Donald Trump and quit the party. .

Michigan Matters host Carol Cain, with Sandy Pierce, chairman of Huntington Bank Michigan

Pierce, president of Michigan-Huntington Bank, spoke with Cain about his recent merger with TCF and its impact on the region. Hailing from Detroit, she spoke about the neighborhood projects they support and how their employees give back as well.

Pierce also explained his community plan announced in June, according to which the bank will spend billions on small businesses and help disadvantaged areas of that state and others in which they operate.

And she spoke about the pandemic and its toll on our region and what she expects in the months to come.

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To concern Michigan Questions, Sunday at 8 a.m. on CBS 62

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