Outdoor space at the heart of the lifestyle in Central Park Residences

UrbanToronto’s coverage of the Amexon Development Corporation, Residences at Central Park, continues this week with a closer look at the project’s main social infrastructure element and the development’s namesake, the Central Park Common. Arguably one of the most unique aspects of the planned community located at the east end of Bayview Village, the 3-acre outdoor space will provide a host of features intended to facilitate social and recreational activities and create a lively atmosphere. in the community. shared domain.

Central Park Common is the literal and figurative heart of the residences of Central Park. The community’s four residential buildings and two office buildings, with designs by Core Architects, occupy a conservative amount of the total site area, allowing the Common to fill gaps and function as a surface-level network campus type that connects the whole site, with the facilities designed to lend themselves to residents and office workers.

Aerial view shows The Residences at Central Park in full, image from Residences at Central Park webpage

With the vast natural and mostly untouched forests of the Don Valley located in the backyard of the community, residents will have the unique opportunity to interact with one of the most beautiful ecological areas in an urban center. sprawling, accentuated by the active river and various species of flora. The Central Park Common landscaping approach by Cosburn Nauboris Landscape Architects takes this fact into consideration and attempts to further expand the possibilities of the outdoor space, to create an open-air urban experience with an infrastructure that encourages social activities.

View of Central Park Common with a farmers market on the lawn, image from the Residences at Central Park webpage

Renderings of the Central Park residences help visualize how this socially-purposed gathering space will come to life, with a focus on programming. The lawn space is versatile in nature, with a range of seating options and versatile wooden decks that will function as farmer’s market stalls, gallery space for art installations or stages for buskers to perform. different times of the year. The lineup will also continue through the winter months with an ice rink to be set up on the lawn and holiday-themed decor to liven up the atmosphere.

View of Central Park Common’s lawn as a skating rink in winter, image from Residences at Central Park webpage

The Common will also generate foot traffic and engagement through a collection of cafes, restaurants and markets. Terraces opening onto the green space will enhance the dining experience and light shopping will be accessible within the community at the convenience of residents. All this is made possible by the connected nature of the commune, which offers cycle paths and a strategic layout for the pedestrian experience.

Because office buildings are an integral part of the Common and the community, the design was also mindful of the need to create a space that inspires well-being at work for the population of users there on the 9 schedule. -5. Renovations are underway at the office buildings to introduce ground-level retail, open-plan layouts and an on-site daycare.

view of existing office building after exterior cladding, image from Residences at Central Park webpage

UrbanToronto will continue to track updates to this development, but in the meantime you can learn more from our database file for the project, linked below. If you wish, you can join the conversation in the associated project forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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