Outdoor living spaces are attracting massive interest

A big, pervasive change since the start of the pandemic has been the massive resurgence of interest in usable outdoor spaces. Whether in HOA communities or other commercial spaces, people are looking to spend more time outdoors.

Even though normal activities have resumed in indoor spaces, it is clear that people enjoy and feel safe spending time outdoors.

For landscape professionals, this can be a great opportunity.

Joseph Barnes, Marketing Director of Yellowstone Landscape, a national landscaping provider headquartered in Bunnell, Fla., says commercial property managers often look at unused areas on their property and want to know how they can turn them into usable space. Yellowstone has been involved in a variety of projects to clean up and beautify these areas.

“We see these open green spaces being used for a number of events like outdoor movie nights, outdoor picnics, food truck events, concerts or even outdoor gatherings,” explains Barnes. “As HOAs or office complexes look to start hosting more outdoor events and activities, they need to make sure the space they use is clean and safe.”

This includes getting rid of ants, weeds and debris and making sure the lawn is mowed regularly.

Community-wide events provide new opportunities

As HOA residents and other community members seek to spend more and more time outdoors, they are eager to participate in organized events. For example, community-wide garage sales have been extremely popular as an outdoor activity. Many people have taken advantage of the pandemic-related shutdown to organize and clean their homes, and now they are eager to get rid of some of those items.

Additionally, community-wide walks or fundraisers are also great outdoor activities and many HOA residents or community members are often excited to participate.

Barnes says events like these are another opportunity for landscape professionals to connect with HOAs and other communities and see how they could be helpful. Often landscaping tasks can help make these types of events more enjoyable.

“Landscaping services such as lawn mowing or additional improvements might be required before these types of events,” Barnes says. “Or cleaning services might be needed afterwards. We have been involved in adding flowers around the entrances to be more welcoming to guests or to clean up debris after these larger scale events have ended.

Yellowstone also likes to connect with their HOAs by sponsoring some of their events.

“If one of our HOA partners is hosting a large-scale walk or run, or some sort of community picnic, we like to be involved,” he says. “For example, we’ve sponsored treat trucks for some of our HOA partners to show our appreciation for working with them.”

The outside is “inside”

Customers want functional outdoor spaces that they can use for a variety of purposes.Yellowstone Landscape

There’s no doubt that outdoor events are all the rage right now. And as more and more commercial properties seek to make fuller use of their outdoor spaces, the opportunities for landscape professionals continue to grow.

Barnes says Yellowstone stays in close contact with commercial property managers and HOA board members so they are aware of all upcoming events.

“We have been impressed with how so many of our clients have adapted to these difficult times by moving events outdoors or adding new green spaces,” he adds. “We are proud to play a part in many of their innovative ideas. »