Outdoor life matters more than before pandemic, says new report

the 2021 Outdoor Life Report published by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens makes it official: 82% of U.S. homeowners recently surveyed said they are more interested in updating their outdoor living spaces than they were before the pandemic.

With data collected from more than 2,000 adults by The Harris Poll, the survey shows that since Covid-19 kept us isolated at home, our outdoor space has become living space in many ways. The report was released exclusively by Forbes and will be available to the general public on March 29.

“Outdoor space is more important because public spaces have been closed to us,” says Fernando Wang, director of the eponymous landscaping company based in Palm Beach. An immigrant from Panama, he now employs 12 people and is launching a new TV show with Martha Stewart on the Discovery Plus network. “An outdoor kitchen is now very important, a good way to socialize and get together.”

The report’s findings agree: 65% of US homeowners between the ages of 35 and 44 cite an outdoor kitchen as very important if they were designing an outdoor space.

“In this new landscape, people are spending bigger budgets on a complete outdoor experience that caters to cooking, entertainment and everyday living. Kitchens are now a necessity in these spaces, rather than something saved for later updating,” says Phil Kean, architect, builder and interior designer at Phil Kean Design Group in Winter Park, Florida.

A complete outdoor kitchen can include any item found in an indoor kitchen, says Daniel Germani, creative director of Danver Outdoor Kitchens, which also makes Trex Outdoor Kitchens and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens.

“Whatever you dream up, we can design it. You can weatherproof water lines, have soft closing cabinet doors, install refrigerators, ice makers, cook tops, have a sophisticated lighting – everything you have or want in a kitchen can be done outside.

The new report reveals that 53% of respondents said outdoor heating is very important to them. 66% found that a home matters a lot; 42% cited the importance of an outdoor bar. But the most important thing is simply to get out: 83% of respondents clearly stated that sitting down is, in itself, essential.

“If they don’t do anything else, the owners can put a comfortable chair where they can get some fresh air,” says Fernando Wong. “While a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, bar, fire pit and living room are the dream of many homeowners, sometimes there is only room for morning yoga or a cup of coffee.”

“Maybe this kitchen is just a grill with storage and shelves on one side,” says Daniel Germani.

Wong and Germani agree that materials have evolved to make outdoor living easier.

“Composite is the new jargon in plastics,” says Fernando Wong. “It’s used in rugs, fabrics and furniture that’s not only weatherproof, but looks fantastic. For example, what used to be called Astroturf is made for homes, and it’s very beautiful to look at.

“All of our kitchens, including the new modular outdoor kitchen, the Elements Collection, are constructed from ultra-durable powder-coated stainless steel, designed to withstand exposure to the elements beautifully with minimal maintenance,” adds Germani. . “Cabinets are available in many colors – neutral and wood grain-inspired finishes, as well as bright and fun hues like Chili, Mint and Clementine. And we use durable synthetic materials like Dekton for the countertops. You can even have velor exterior and leather exterior.Truly every detail and finish available on the interior is now available on the exterior.

Early indicators point to new color choices as the must-have consumer trend for 2021.

When surveyed, homeowners prefer durability over bargains when making outdoor kitchen buying decisions. 66% of owners cited daily wear durability as important; 65% of homeowners cited resilience to the elements as very important. Cost comes third, with 58% citing it as very important.

Outdoor cooking is no longer about the Dude grill,” Germani says. “It can be luxurious.”