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If there is one thing the parking district can use more of, it is parking. Ellicott Development is seeking approval from the Zoning Appeal Board on Wednesday to expand a parking lot at the northwest corner of South Park and Michigan Avenue by ten spaces. An existing house on the site was demolished earlier this year. Ellicott owns the building adjacent to 41 Columbia Street.

Variation in demand will help parking fit into neighborhood character – Ellicott Development

A gap is required to allow additional parking. From the project application:

We are requesting an exemption from this requirement to allow additional surface parking in the corner side yard. We believe that the requested exemption is justified given the existing parking lot at the corner of Michigan Avenue and South Park Avenue since the 1960s. The expansion of this lot on 190 South Park will not have created an undesirable change in the neighborhood since the 190 South Park was once home to a 2-story residential dwelling which was demolished in July 2021 and was surrounded by industrial uses since its construction.

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