Nickmercs signs exclusive agreement with Twitch

Popular streamer Nickmercs has signed an exclusive deal with Twitch.


Streamer Nickmercs has revealed he won’t be leaving Twitch, signing a new deal that will keep him streaming exclusively on the platform.

Streamer shuffle seems to have started over with a few big names who signed exclusive deals last month. Nickmercs made three, but the hugely popular Twitch personality’s new deal is a little different. He revealed he’s not going anywhere, signing a long-term deal that will keep him tied to Twitch for the foreseeable future.

Neither the exact length nor the value of the deal has been revealed. However, it’s probably safe to assume that Amazon-owned Twitch gave Nickmercs a lot of money to convince him to stay. The streamer has 28,000 subscribers on the platform, making him one of the most watched people on Twitch.

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There’s also the not-so-small issue of other big streamers signing exclusivity deals elsewhere. Dr Lupo and Tim The Tatman both signed deals with YouTube Gaming within days of each other last month. Both huge wins for YouTube and big losses for Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform will have wanted to prove that it still had the power to keep the big names out and did so by locking down Nickmercs.

Streamers have refrained from switching platforms so recently following a pretty big reshuffle a few years ago. Ninja took the first steps by quitting Twitch and earning a lot of money to stream exclusively on Mixer. Microsoft has since ditched Mixer since then is one of the reasons the waters have been relatively calm for a while. Now it looks like YouTube has plans to disrupt those waters again.

Nickmercs signed an exclusivity deal with Twitch almost two years ago to the day, implying it was a two-year contract that needed to be renewed. It could also mean that this new deal has a two-year term as well, meaning it can’t access YouTube until at least 2023. Good news for Twitch, and since it’s been so loyal to the platform. -form so far, it seems likely it will stay beyond that too.

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