New Library and Outdoor Space Coming to Kiizhik School

Students at Gaagagekiizhik Elementary School and Bimose High School (Kiizhik School) will soon have an Indigenous library and outdoor classroom thanks to a partnership with SchoolBOX and countless other organizations and individuals.

“It will be so exciting for our students to have access to a library right here on campus. We wanted a space to bring students, elders and members of the wider community together and this new outdoor library and classroom will do just that,” said Wendy PcPherson, Principal of the school.

Students and staff must currently access books at the public library.

The new space, which is expected to open this spring, will be a space where language and cultural resource educators and their students can read, rest and reconnect with their culture at school. The space will also be an intentional place where students can connect with Elders and community knowledge keepers to enhance cultural connections and learning.

SchoolBOX Executive Director Sarah Kerr says, “That’s what it’s all about. Our small team works to help “make education possible” in Treaty 3. It’s truly amazing to work alongside Indigenous educators, youth and entrepreneurs to create learning centers for students who respond to the TRC’s call to action for equal education. I look forward to seeing the students in the new library this spring.

At the time of publication, no date or time of opening of the spaces.