New Details for Louisville Homeless Outdoor Space to Be Announced in Early January | News

“It seems like everything in real estate is taking longer than you hope,” he said. “So the shutdown took a little longer than expected and then finding an operator who could really provide all the services needed took a little longer as well. And we wanted to negotiate them, because it’s important. Once the site is open, we’re going to have mental health services, physical health services, you know, washers, dryers, all those kinds of things that are needed. Fischer said an operator for the space will be announced in January.

The Lindblad “Safe Outdoor Space” property said that despite the drop in temperatures, she had no plans to move to an indoor shelter. The area where she is currently staying in downtown Jefferson Street was supposed to be cleaned up by the city around Thanksgiving, but that cleanup has been repeatedly postponed.

“We really don’t like governing operators because we feel like they’re going to say it because we smoke marijuana or drink too much, we leave the place messy, pretty much we don’t don’t like rules, “said Lindblad. Dori Lindblad

Dori Lindblad said she had been living on the streets of downtown Louisville for several months. She said she would be willing to try living in the city’s safe outdoor space, but is worried about how operations will work. “We hope to have an activity there in February,” he said.

According to a city statement in August, the Safe Outdoor Space operating partner, “… must establish a 24/7 staffing capacity for a population of 40 to 60 residents while providing security services. flexible, voluntary and individualized support. “It’s difficult because we always have to stay excited, ready for anything,” she said.

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