NDP pushes Ford government to safely reopen outdoor activities in Ontario

Ontario NDP Deputy Leader Sara Singh will force the vote on a motion on Monday, May 17 calling on the Ford government to safely reopen outdoor facilities.

The premier extended the province-wide stay-at-home order to June 2 last week, effectively keeping outdoor activities such as golf courses closed for an additional three weeks.

Nickel Belt MP France Gélinas said the premier’s decision to shut down outdoor activities was a mistake and was not supported by her own science table.

“Many residents have contacted me and they are frustrated that outdoor activities are so restricted. The Ford government should have provided clear guidelines to safely reopen outdoor recreation spaces,” Gélinas said in a post on Facebook on May 14.

“Being outside and being physically active is healthy and should be encouraged, not forbidden. I encourage this government to listen to the people of Nickel Belt and Ontario, and to pass our motion to reopen the landscaping.

In a video message posted to Twitter on May 14, Singh made similar comments from Chinguacousy Park in his riding of Brampton Center, calling on the Ford government to reopen outdoor activities across the province.

“The Ontario Science Table has been clear, outdoor recreation is not the problem,” Singh said.

“What we need the government to do is put in place paid sick leave and ensure essential workers receive their vaccines on time. Open up outdoor recreation spaces so people can get out and enjoy the good weather, tackle mental and physical wellness concerns, and get out and play. “