Nature Heals: 3 Outdoor Activities to Get Involved With This Month

After nearly two years of just about every waking moment at home, we’re all looking forward to getting out and about again. However, as restrictions ease and the world reopens, not everyone will return to the club or head to the bar. For some, the promise of normalcy is still a scary concept. We got used to being apart, so it will take some getting used to.

However, baby steps are big changes and signing up for one of these outdoor activities will help you regain your balance and get back on track. Not only are they a very pleasant way to spend a weekend afternoon, but they are also great places to meet new friends, so don’t worry if you plan to go alone.

Here are three outdoor activities to get involved in this month.

forest bath

Most people are familiar with The Useless Project by now, but it’s not just sustainable craft fairs they hold and their next event is the perfect opportunity to get back in the wild.

Teaming up with Sarah from Nature Therapy Ireland to go for a forest swim in Phoenix Park, participants are in for a morning of science-based meditative practices that are guaranteed to leave you feeling grounded and refreshed. According to research, forest bathing has been proven to reduce stress levels, improve heart health, boost your immune system, increase your creativity and quality of life. Not only that, but people who have a strong connection to nature are also more likely to make more sustainable and planet-friendly lifestyle choices.

Scheduled for next Sunday, February 13, tickets cost €30 but are extremely limited, so get yours ASAP if you’re interested.

Galz Gone Wild Hikes

Created by Melissa McDermott, Galz Gone Wild reconnects women with nature and the outdoors through group adventures, getaways, workshops and events across Ireland.

Back in action since January 23, they have much organized for the coming months including hikes, sunrise cocoa ceremonies and a specially organized get-together for new members.

How to join? Simply head to the ride you want to join on the website and reserve your spot. Each event has an ability level marked on it so you can choose the best one for you (beginner, intermediate, hard, advanced) and you’ll even receive a list of things to usually bring the week of your adventure. The group also facilitates carpooling via their Facebook page.

Dip and Sip

We all have very swimming at sea for the past two years. There’s a little running joke about the dry dress brigade but they were onto something, and there’s very little a dunk in the freezing Irish waters won’t help solve.

the sea ​​swimming phenomenon isn’t new, but something seems to have changed since the start of the pandemic. There has been a universal (or at least nationwide) attitude shift and where once we watched in horror, now the sight of someone wading through until they are completely overwhelmed us makes them jealous that we’re not there with them.

For those of you who haven’t yet dared to dive in – or convince your friends/roommates/partners to join you – Ripple Effect Ireland is a great group to get involved with. They have regular “dip & sip” get-togethers that basically encourage you to go for a swim and then stay for a cup of tea afterwards. The next one is scheduled for Sunday 13th February and they usually take place fortnightly at 9.30am on Killiney Beach. A great way to meet like-minded people.

Photo by Matt Heaton on Unsplash