Morning Lookout: A Long History of Abortion; challenges of roller skaters, Dylan and Measure E

Greetings and greetings! Today is Tuesday, May 17, and the forecast calls for mostly sunny skies around Santa Cruz County, with highs in the 70s.

Lots on our plate this morning, and we start with a Community Voices opinion piece from Peggy Flynn, who first writes about her decision to have an abortion in the 1980s, when she was in the around twenty. “I never regretted my decision, not once,” she writes.

The belvedere Coverage of the 2022 elections continues, meanwhile, with a look at Measure E, which will divide the city of Santa Cruz into six or seven electoral districts and may add a directly elected mayor. Max Chun explains.

And the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted roller skating, but without a dedicated, free outdoor public space, Santa Cruz County skaters push for changesreports Nik Altenberg.

Oh, and Bob Dylan is coming to town, so stick around for that and all of today’s headlines.

I never talked about my abortion. It’s time.

Peggy Flynn had an abortion in the 1980s when she was in her twenties and single. She never told her family about it. She has never regretted it, nor had children. She’s talking about it now — for the first time — because she’s horrified by the leak of the Supreme Court ruling, which, if finalized, could overturn nearly 50 years of case law. Women need to talk, she says. All women deserve control of their bodies and the right to decide what constitutes a fulfilling life. Find his opinion piece on Community Voices.

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As roller skating picks up speed, finding reliable spaces isn’t an easy trick for skaters in Santa Cruz

Roller skaters gather at Scotts Valley Skate Park

(Nik Altenberg / Belvedere Santa Cruz)

The surge in popularity due to the pandemic has highlighted the lack of skating infrastructure in Santa Cruz County, which local groups – and a key ally of Santa Cruz Mayor Sonja Brunner – s strive for lasting change. A petition campaign is gaining momentum. Nik Altenberg examines the scene.

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Measure E: Santa Cruz City District Elections Explained

A proposed map for the six-district system should pass measure E

Some see the potential change as a means of leadership that represents the entire community in a four-year mayor; others are too concerned about the implications of the redistricting maps chosen to endorse the measure. Max Chun explains.

Measure C: County Disposable Cup Tax Explanation
Measure F: City of Santa Cruz Sales and Use Tax Explanation

Bob Dylan arrives at Civic

Bob Dylan's Tour Poster Stops June 23 in Santa Cruz

(via Another Planet Entertainment)

Bob Dylan arrives in Santa Cruz on June 23, with the future 81-year-old bringing his “Rough and Rowdy Ways” tour to the Civic Auditorium. Tickets will go on sale Thursday. Wallace Baine is on it.

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COVID dashboard: Bay Area health officials urge caution amid surge

Dr. Susan Wu chats with Kimberli Samuel and her 7-year-old daughter, Amelle Samuel

(Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times)

“There’s a lot of COVID out there right now, so it’s time to take more precautionary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones,” Santa Cruz County health officer Gail Newel said in a recent press release. Get the latest local data here.

AFTER: Is Paxlovid, the COVID pill, reaching those who need it most? Government won’t say (Kaiser Health News)

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California properties threatened by wildfires expected to increase sixfold in 30 years

A neighborhood destroyed by fire

Just over 100,000 properties in the state currently have a 1% or greater annual chance of being affected by a wildfire. The number is expected to reach around 600,000 by 2052, according to new research. Our partners at the Los Angeles Times report the results.

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‘Like torture’: For Californians with special needs, going to see a dentist can take years

Namirah Jones, 19, brushes her teeth at home with her mother, Mia Costley,

(Lauren Justice for CalMatters)

Tens of thousands of disabled Californians need special accommodations for dental care, but only 14 centers in the state can treat them. Learn more about our partners at CalMatters.

COMMUNITY VOICES: Mr. W: What My Autistic Son Taught Me About Motherhood (Victoria Tatum)

Around the county…

Regulation of street vendors intensifies in Santa Cruz (City Press on a Hill)
Pacific Grove Unified School District to reinstate mask mandate (KSBW-TV)
Eataly Silicon Valley sets opening date for three-story Italian food empire (San Jose Mercury News)
A possum in the press gallery is just the latest problem for the A’s (SFGate)

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