Mayor Brown announces City of Buffalo has received $ 165 million in federal bailout funds

June 2, 2021

BUFFALO, NY – Mayor Byron W. Brown today announced that the city has received the first half of the federal government’s $ 331 million in US bailout funds. The funds, which are to be used to help communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, provide “a unique opportunity for the city of Buffalo,” Mayor Brown said.

“We anticipate that this money will come in for six months. We will spend it in a way that we hope will have a multiplier effect. We have been working with our commissioners and external experts. We want to see additional funds from the private sector, philanthropic organizations and perhaps partnering with other governments in the region to further stretch the dollars, ”said Mayor Brown.

The mayor said federal funds will help rebuild Buffalo after the pandemic to be stronger, more vibrant and more equitable than before.

“We want more development and more jobs in every section of our city,” said Mayor Brown. “We need to spend these funds strategically, wisely and we need to ensure that these dollars have a positive impact on every neighborhood and every household to improve the quality of life and the opportunities for a good and successful future,” added the Mayor Brown.

A portion of the funding will be spent to address losses related to COVID in the last fiscal year, fiscal year 2021, and fiscal year 2022 for expenses incurred by the city.

In addition to the internal planning of how the $ 165 million will be spent, the mayor said a process will be in place to get feedback from the community.

“We are open to ideas. We are open to information from the public, ”said Mayor Brown. The City will receive an additional $ 165 million under the federal program in 2022.

Mayor Brown kicks off Buffalo Pride Week 2021 with raising of LGBTQ AND Transgender Pride flags in Niagara Square

Mayor Byron W. Brown was joined today by a representative of the Buffalo LGBTQ community and several local officials for the 30th Annual Pride Flag Raising in Niagara Square to kick off Buffalo Pride Week 2021.

Pride Week is celebrated with a mix of virtual and in-person LGBTQ events that run through Sunday, June 6.

“My administration works every day to make Buffalo a welcoming place of inclusion and diversity, including striving to recognize and protect the dignity of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, ”said Mayor Byron W. Brown.

Mayor Brown has implemented a progressive set of City of Buffalo Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines for City Employees, as part of his mission to make Buffalo a City of Opportunity for All .

“The introduction of this policy reflects our objective, defined in my program of opportunities, to build a city that respects the diversity of its inhabitants. Managers now have formal guidelines to follow when an employee is undergoing, or has undergone, the gender transition process in the workplace and use them to better support the person in transition, ”said Mayor Brown.

The City of Buffalo also offers health insurance coverage for trans-inclusive employees and has installed gender-neutral bathrooms at City Hall.

The City Hall Dome and the city’s BuffaloLIT partners will be lit up in the colors of the rainbow tonight for a second night to mark the 30th anniversary of Pride Week in the City of Buffalo .

The city’s spring bulk garbage collection resumes next week in the Delaware District

Delaware District residents are reminded that bulk waste collection will take place Monday June 7 through Saturday June

12. Residents are requested to drop off all bulk garbage at the curb on Sunday so that they are ready for pickup, starting Monday morning. Bulk waste collection will be carried out on Monday. – Sat next week, not just garbage and recycling days.

In addition to following the rules on what can be put in the bulk garbage, residents are reminded that ALL posted parking restrictions will be enforced to make way for the garbage collection.

Bulk Trash Week Rules:

  • Posted parking restrictions will be enforced during Bulk Waste Weeks.
  • Curbside bulk garbage piles should not exceed 12 ‘long, 3’ wide and 3 ‘high.
  • Electronic waste, such as televisions and computers, are not allowed to be placed in bulk waste.
  • Tires are not allowed to be disposed of in household waste.

This press release was produced by the city of buffalo. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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