Martha Stewart’s Outdoor Space at Her Katonah, NY Home Is Dreamy

Martha Stewart is known for creating beautiful, timeless spaces — and her expansive estate in Katonah, New York is no exception. I was recently able to explore the 150-acre property, which includes everything from a cutting garden and one vegetable garden has a shady fern garden and a forest of Japanese maples. Needless to say, this is a gardener’s paradise.

I sat down with Stewart to discuss his strategy for creating the perfect outdoor living space. She says the best outdoor spaces go beyond what you plant in your garden – they should be treated as an extension of your home and reflect your personal style.

Jaime Milan

For starters, Stewart says every outdoor space “should have a view or access to vision.” A panoramic view means she can watch her perfectly manicured outdoor space from inside her home (and that beautiful view is also the reason she intentionally chooses not to hang curtains!). Just outside Martha’s house you will find manicured flower gardens, tall pines, Japanese red maples, studded pergola grass driveways and gravel driveways. The mix of colors and textures adds visual interest everywhere you look.

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Stewart says the perfect outdoor space “should also have a nice perimeter so you kind of feel enclosed.” She adds, “It’s like a big, beautiful room where you can frolic on the grass, swim, rest, have fun.” Martha said she wanted her pool area to have all of these qualities, so it took her time to build. As you can see, its pool features a tree-lined fence, a deck, and a large lawn for swimmers to bask in the sun.

martha stewart katonah ny house

Jaime Milan

The last thing Stewart says every outdoor space should include is “a place to eat, because I don’t want to eat by the pool.” For this reason, she created a “dining pavilion” in her own home, which is a covered dining area that’s perfect for everything from poolside barbecues to sophisticated garden parties. Its dining pavilion features a long wooden dining table, two dozen wicker chairs, and clusters of hanging staghorn ferns.