March Twitch Recap – Corona, Collabs, and CoD

In March 2020, Twitch streamers reacted to the global pandemic, the dominance of CoD: Warzone, and the usual inconsistency of the platform.

March has been a strange month for Tic and the rest of the streaming world. The coronavirus has plagued society, but in a way, it’s been good enough for gaming, esports, and streaming. Forced isolation has brought healthy numbers across the board to online activities. So what have Twitch and its streamers been up to in the past month?

Effects of the coronavirus

Inevitably, the streamers suffered various effects from the seemingly ubiquitous coronavirus. However, most of the solo streamers have been continue their lives relatively free from the virus. The most that the pandemic has brought to many online personalities is simply material for jokes or content, like when Asmongold documented his trip to a local Walmart.

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For the legendary anti-scammer Kitboga, he discovered that shady operations now target gullible victims who believe there are preventive measures or cures for coronaviruses.

Other streaming projects weren’t so lucky. Critical role, for example, temporarily canceled their live broadcasts in order to protect their staff. This left fans of the iconic Dungeons and Dragons series disappointed, albeit understanding. Additionally, educational institutions have suspended campus meetings, with many following their courses online. For one teacher in particular, he found that broadcasting his lectures on Twitch was a little less than ideal.

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New collaborations

Speaking of coronavirus, amazing collaborations have come from the unfortunate pandemic. Korean streamer Jinnytty, for example, had her trip to Las Vegas canceled and ended up in Texas with one of Twitch’s best. Wow banners, Esfand. The results of their improvised quarantine were amusing to say the least. Since a few weeks, their clips dominated Reddit’s infamous Livestream Failure Page.

Esfand, Mizkif and Russel have also teamed up to collaborate with Amouranth, the unlikely group parading around Austin with their ridiculous antics. Amouranth showed a different and more authentic side of herself throughout the unexpected collaboration, with most viewers reacting very positively to both sides.

Although IRL streamers have been hit hard by the constraints of the virus, Jakenbake and HAchubby have managed to create some fantastic collaborative projects in Korea. Their amazing karaoke stream next door, the two went to post a Hilarious YouTube video clip parodying the latest Twitch culture, called “Just A Simp”.

Finally we have Twitch chooses to collaborate with hugely popular 3D hentai camgirl from Chaturbate, ProjektMelody. A controversial move to say the least, the outrageous virtual figure was instantly associated with a danger waiting to happen.

Usual Twitch Chaos

And it happened ProjektMelody, be suspended from Twitch a few days after debuting on the platform. The ban is nothing new for a partner on the platform, something of normalcy at this point. Joining its ranks was Amouranth, ShyBear (without reason) and Kaceytron – the latter landing in hot water for making an edgy joke about the coronavirus.

Luckily for Twitch, a lot has gone pretty well for the company. Massive celebrities Pokimane and Dr Disrespect both renewed their loyalty to the streaming platform, both doing so in creative ways. Pokimane created a parody announcement video, stating that there was no ad and that she was just staying on Twitch.

Dr Disrespect, on the other hand, did the opposite. In possibly the highest budget ad video to date, the mustached streamer parachuted his way from an advanced plane to a futuristic render of Twitch headquarters.

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Regarding competition, Ronda Rousey has garnered some attention for Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming has signed a typical gamer, and Mixer introduced impressive quality of life improvements.

Oh, and did we mention Alinity’s cat got revenge? Alleluia.

New versions

Finally, Twitch saw some inflated numbers thanks to the release of several popular new titles. Call of Duty: Warzone is among its top performing categories, with many big streamers embracing the game’s addicting BR format.

LIRIK, for example, produced a play similar to a scene from Mission Impossible.. The streamer used his pistol to take down a player in the air, cutting and redeploying his parachute several times throughout the fight. CouRage has also enjoyed impressive success with the game, share your load efficiently with viewers. Even Mitch Jones, even though he barely plays the game, showed dominance skills by landing a quintuple kill using a helicopter.

Other streamers may not have had a perfect chance, but their content with the game has been amazing nonetheless. Dr Disrespect created one of the funniest commentary sequences while xQc managed a devastating grenade suicide in a gulag battle.

Warzone also caught the attention of streamers Mixer Shroud and Ninja, the latter commenting on how he wanted Epic to implement a gulag-esque feature in Fortnite.

Animal Crossing: New horizons also fell later in the month, instantly conquering the hearts of gamers around the world. The hype itself landed a banner in a particularly violent situation Garry’s mod version of Animal crossing leading up to the game’s launch. Mizkif also picked up some steam from the game after catch a rare coelacanth in a very short time.

Overall, Twitch has had a good month. Along with their usual share of confusing bans and partnerships, an isolated society, streamer loyalty and new releases have helped the platform stay on top.

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