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Irrigation systems need regular maintenance to keep running efficiently year after year. Lawn equipment damage and normal wear and tear can lead to leaks and other serious problems that waste significant amounts of water and increase bills.

Here are some checks to perform monthly and periodically, as well as high value upgrades to maximize investments:

Adjust sprinkler heads monthly. Remove or correct obstructions that prevent sprinklers from distributing water evenly. Adjust sprinkler head positions and spray patterns to avoid spraying sidewalks or structures and to provide necessary clearance above growing plants.

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Periodically inspect your system for leaks. Leaks are a huge waste of water. A good contractor can perform regular maintenance checks. But these checks can also be carried out by the owners.

Simply place the system in test mode and run through each irrigation area looking for leaks, broken or clogged spray heads and other issues. Ask your contractor to show you common issues to watch out for between visits, or take advantage of free training from Citrus County Utilities (CCU).

When it’s time to upgrade, weather-based controllers offer great value. These controllers assess the weather and then automatically adjust the irrigation schedule to meet specific landscape needs. These controllers simplify watering your landscape, saving water over time.

Look for the Water Sense label when shopping for a new irrigation controller. CCU is offering its water customers a $100 account credit for the upgrade.

Rain/freeze sensors are another great value option. These inexpensive sensors can be added to any irrigation system and save water by shutting down your system in rainy and/or cold weather. CCU also offers a $50 account credit for the replacement of a non-functioning rain sensor.

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