Lužánky will come to life on May 24 with lots of outdoor activities for European Day of Parks – Brno Daily

May 24 is European Parks Day, a day when the green spaces of many cities come alive with a variety of activities, and this year Brno will also join in the celebrations. The local park day will take place in Lužánky from 1 to 5 p.m., with a program including free yoga classes, aikido training, exercises for mothers with strollers, shelter dogs and an escape game. Photo credit: Marie Schmerkova, Municipality of the City of Brno

Brno, May 19 (BD) – European Parks Day falls on May 24 every year. Its aim is to recognize the importance of a well-designed and maintained network of protected green spaces across the European continent, promoting the creation of new protected areas and the coherent care of natural, cultural and historical heritage.

Most events will take place in Lužánky Park from 1 to 5 p.m.; activities include yoga classes, stroller mother exercises and an escape game, and are all free. More information about the event itself and the activities can be found here.


“The aim of the event is to remind residents of Brno that public green spaces are there for them and offer countless opportunities for recreation, and to shed light on how new and existing green spaces are taken care of. load in the new urban plan of Brno. That’s why we started a new tradition, together with the architect’s office of the city of Brno. I am happy that non-profit organizations and other entities dedicated to sports and recreational activities are helping us to revive the park in an unconventional way for this day,” said Filip Chvátal, city councilor for urban planning and development. development of Brno.

Green spaces form an important part of the territory of Brno. Six large parks are managed by the company Public Green Space o from the city of Brno: the aforementioned Lužánky, Wilson’s Forest, Denisovy sady, Špilberk Park, Tyršův sad and part of Koliště Park. Other large and popular parks and forest parks are run by city districts, and two universities run botanical spaces open to the public.

“Brno’s new urban plan also has urban greenery in mind, because our goal is a greener Brno,” Chvátal said. “We support the protection and establishment of street trees. In mixed residential areas or intended for habitation, the proportion of greenery is set at 30%, and 30% of this is also intended for trees.

A dozen organizations have already joined the event and more are welcome. So far, most of the activities are sports and physical activities. Sokol Brno will offer three programs: ‘Get in shape with a stroller’, ‘Exercise for mothers with children’ and ‘Exercise for little ones accompanied by parents’. The Brno Aikido Ikigai Dojo, which regularly participates in international competitions, will initiate those interested in this Japanese martial art based on the use of the opponent’s force. Yoga enthusiasts will be able to train, either under the guidance of My Fitness Life or YOGA Freaks, while senior citizens will be able to exercise their bodies and their memory in collaboration with Senior Fitness.

On the other hand, for a soothing experience, Forest Mind will offer skills training leading to life balance. A whole range of leisure activities for young and old is offered by the Lužánky Recreation Center which, in addition to clubs and courses, also organizes suburban camps and many other activities. The Municipal Police of Brno will also participate in the Brno Park Day, bringing back the dogs from the shelter, showcasing the work of the dog handlers, presenting their prevention program to the public and showing their service electric bicycles.×682.jpg×100.jpgElisa PintonBrnoEvents in BrnoNewsBrno,Events in Brno,News,ParkMay 24 is European Parks Day, a day when the green spaces of many cities come alive with a variety of activities, and this year Brno will also join in the celebrations. The local Park Day will take place in Lužánky from 1pm to 5pm, with a free yoga program…News and events in English in Brno