Lot Lines: OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show 2022

J. David Chapman

Last weekend, the OKC Showground was bustling with enthusiastic homeowners entering the Bennett Event Center exploring new home improvement ideas for their new and used homes. Attendance at home and garden shows across the country is setting records in the wake of the pandemic, as more people than ever are buying and renovating homes to meet their ever-changing needs.

The pandemic has changed the way people relate to their homes. Many have been pulled from their gyms, forcing a workout schedule at home. Many have been taken from their offices, forcing them to work from home. Many congregations were kicked out of their places of worship and held small group services at home. Many have started cooking and eating at home more than ever, and many have created outdoor oases in their backyards.

My attention, as I walked around the show while visiting exhibitors (which numbered over 200) and visitors, was drawn to the booths and exhibits helping customers organize their homes and lives, those who helped create outdoor spaces mimicking those found at resorts and a pet place with collars, accessories and specialty care items for dogs and cats. I found the Homegrown Marketplace fascinating, creating a place where shoppers could purchase handicrafts from local artisans, including home decor items, food, and artwork. Back from a wine vacation in Fredericksburg, TX, I found the Wine Village exhibit interesting, featuring award-winning wines from five local wineries available for tasting and purchase.

The environment and resilience seem to have a growing theme at today’s home shows. This show was no different. Many municipalities now allow and even encourage citizens to install solar systems in their homes and commercial properties. At this year’s show, potential solar customers could meet consultants, view product options and see how the systems would work in their home or business.

Swimming pools and hot tubs continue to be popular considerations for those with spring fever with plenty of time to get a new pool before summer. Finally, in this area of ​​the United States, you can bet there were several companies selling every type of storm shelter you can imagine. It was obvious from the excitement of this show that I’m not the only one ready for summer.

J. David Chapman is Professor of Finance and Real Estate at the University of Central Oklahoma ([email protected]).