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Ledge Lounger, a leading name in outdoor living recently announced the launch of their new Autograph collection. A modern and sophisticated suite to their award-winning Exclusive collection.

What is the Ledge Lounger?

Ledge Lounger is most commonly associated with their line of pool loungers used on tanning ledges in the shallow area of ​​the pool. Constructed of ultra-durable UV16 rated polyethylene, it is essentially the same material found in many commercial water slides. Created to withstand the harsh chemicals and UV rays found around the pool, they are guaranteed to remain unfading for 10-15 years and have become a favorite add-on item for pool shoppers.

Ledge Lounger Autograph Collection Official Launch March 2022

Synonym of pool furniture

Already synonymous with pool loungers from their previous collections, Ledge lounge chair the products as a whole have become nearly ubiquitous in their association with high-end luxury swimming pools and backyards over the past decade. We went one-on-one with Ledge Lounger Founder and CEO – Christopher Anderson to learn more about the product line.

A long history in swimming pools and outdoor living

Anderson has long been immersed in the world of outdoor living and first developed the concept of the Ledge Lounger line while designing and selling swimming pools. “My father owned a swimming pool business – Custom Design Pools in Houston, TX and I grew up in the pool industry,” Anderson said. “

I swore I would never own a pool business after growing up there, but American businesses took me back to my dad’s business,” Anderson explained, “that’s where I fell in love with design and sales. It was actually on one of our job sites that I noticed the need for a sun lounger in the water and that’s where the idea was born.

Ledge Lounger Outdoor Living Furniture – Autograph Collection Chairs

A leader in outdoor furniture

Founded in 2011, Ledge Lounger has its roots firmly planted in Houston, which coincidentally seems to be the starting point for many pool innovations. “I think there’s just a feeling of entrepreneurship in houston himself,” Anderson said, “there are a lot of opportunities. It seems that when most markets are hurting, Houston is growing. It is a good place for innovation and development.

Ledge Lounger as a company has come a long way since those early forays into the outdoor living industry. The company which has experienced explosive growth over the past decade has become a recognized leader in the pool industry. Their popular line of pool seating products, as well as their line of outdoor furniture, umbrellas, pillows and outdoor accessories, have been recognized for five years and operate on the Inc 5000 fastest growing private companies in America.

Ledge Lounger Autograph Collection

The Ledge lounge chair Autograph collection officially launched on March 16 and features a full catalog of new lounge chairs, chairs, headrest cushions and side tables. The new designs are a sophisticated look reimagined for contemporary pool and outdoor living furniture.

Ledge Lounger Autograph Collection

The first design element you notice about the Autograph chaise is the striking architectural silhouette of the chairs. This chair is ideal for tanning ledges with up to 12″ of water. The Autograph Daybed features improved elevated ergonomics and increased lumbar support, allowing you to comfortably relax in your outdoor environment.

Ledge Lounger Autograph Collection Lounge Chairs

Built to withstand the elements of any pool or outdoor space, Autograph lounge chairs are built to last. Made from color stabilized UV16 resin, this pool furniture can withstand up to 16,000 hours of direct sunlight without ever losing its shine.

Autograph Collection Ledge Lounger Chairs

The chairs from the Autograph collection are just as impressive in the water as they are on the edge of the pool. Available in 4 distinct colors (White, Sandstone, Cloud and Granite Grey), these versatile chairs look great in and out of the water. Combined with one of the new Autograph side tables, this combination has everything you need for a resort-style experience in your own backyard.

Ledge Lounger Autograph Ice Tray Side Table

Perhaps one of the most innovative additions to the new collection is the Autograph Ice Bin side table. Ledge Lounger definitely hits the mark with this stylish and useful side table that nicely showcases its chairs. The sleek outdoor accessory holds up to 12 cans of your favorite poolside beverage.

Anderson and his team are extremely excited to get the autograph collection into the hands of industry and consumers just in time for the upcoming pool season.

Responding to pandemic-related demand

Already a hit at the various industry-related trade shows they have attended this year, Ledge Lounger is eager to connect with pool builders. For the past two years of the pandemic, most industry trade shows have been temporarily halted. Quarantine conditions have kept the industry from coming together, which has also created a massive influx of new business for outdoor activity makers. Like many, Anderson and company have made adjustments to live in a Covid-19 world.

Largely unresponsive to supply chain issues

During our chat, we touched on current events such as inflation, increased logistics, and discussed what Ledge Lounger is doing to continue its growth plan in an ever-changing market. “Coming out of the tailwinds of Covid, we really need to focus on product development and keep reaching new customers and not getting too comfortable with where we are,” Anderson said. “We’re fortunate that 99.99% of our products are made in the United States, so we haven’t had the same supply chain issues that a lot of companies have had.”

Working through pandemic-related delays and increases

“The only reason we’ve had longer lead times is that demand for our product has exceeded our plan, which is always a great situation for a business,” Anderson explained, “it created scenarios where we weren’t able to meet our timeline commitments, which is an issue Anderson has taken steps to avoid this year by ensuring we have enough product on hand to facilitate incoming orders. at the height of the season.” We are really focused on improving lead times this year so that we don’t miss any deadlines and make sure we are able to meet demand this year.”

Like many manufacturers, Ledge Lounger had to increase the prices of its products as well as the shipping costs. Rising fuel costs are a big increase that the company has no choice but to pass on to consumers. “Absolutely, shipping costs have gone up – we’re dealing with higher costs,” Anderson explained, “some of the material costs have gone up. We haven’t had a price increase for over 6 years. This was the first year we had to raise prices. Ultimately, over the past 6 years, prices have gone up, but we’ve found more efficient ways to make our products. This was the first year in recent history that cost increases exceeded any efficiencies we could find. »

Positioning for growth in a post-pandemic world

This year is postponed request for swimming pools seem to be the last slaves to what has become an unprecedented demand for backyard improvements at the height of the pandemic. Many analysts predict that the steep slope of consumer interest begins to fade. However, Ledge Lounger is positioning itself for growth in other ways.

Ledge Lounger – Pool Studio rendering of lounge chairs and pool furniture

Although it has managed to attract a long list of distributors, Ledge Lounger puts more emphasis these days on connecting with the direct point of sale, namely pool builders. Leveraging the market penetration of industry standard design tools such as Structure Studios, Ledge Lounger is now tightly integrated with 3D design software. “

What they have created from the start is nothing short of revolutionary,” said Anderson, “It creates a great opportunity for suppliers like Ledge Lounger to be able to make their products available to pool builders to improve their designs. It also creates consumer-level visibility for our products.

Partnership at the point of sale

Ledge Lounger has doubled down on this strategy by offering pool builders in-house design services. “A pool builder can send us their Pool Studio file and we’ll actually use our design team to lay out a garden space and then send that file back to the pool builder with a cost estimate,” Anderson said, “They can then offer that configuration to their customer and find out what their exact price will be, put their markup on it, and sell it directly to the owner; really eliminating the need for the pool builder to design it.

Ledge Lounger will be present this year Las Vegas Pool and Spa Show later this year and will no doubt be showcasing the new Autograph collection at the show. Be sure to stop by their booth and check out their amazing new line.

Listen to our full interview with Christopher Anderson, CEO of Ledge Lounger